Guys With iPhones

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July 13, 2009 - 08:04 PM
Guys with iPhones

    nice fat cock

  • Jake

    Meaty Is all I havta say ;)

  • Jake

    3D pic? Would have love to see the cock much closer versus the phone. Good thing I am at home because it would not be good if I was licking the screen at a public terminal at the library.

  • markor

    lmfao!!!! u guys are amazing. I started to come here JUST to read the comments.. its amazing..

  • Jared

    What in the hell?
    This is what happens when people are exposed to radiation!

  • me

    Omg the responces are halarious, a lil harsh, but still funny..

    "....the fuck?"

    I died laughin!!!!!!

  • Mark

    it&aposs like a fuck toy. i love it

  • GOD

    ....the fuck?

  • RJ

    two heads are better than one, right? LOL.

  • guild


  • Anonymous

    nah, it&aposs just the circumcision line against his thumb playing tricks on your eyes. I see what you mean though haha

  • but umm..

    amazing thickness.. but umm.. does he have 2 heads and 1 ball?

  • Anonymous


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