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July 16, 2009 - 01:24 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Matt :)

    I think you are very cute and I like the long hair. :)

  • Tommygun

    You know what would really piss them off? If you peeled off that shirt and dropped those shorts. Yeah!

    (hey, it&aposs worth a shot)

  • snapperat212

    I am fairly certain that I know this young man-- Chelsea NYC? If it is him, he is not only very sweet -- but has a body to match--

  • matt

    HOT, ignore all of the negativity and keep yourself sexy

  • rob

    beautiful pic man just beautiful dont listen to them they are jealous

  • organist

    Oooh. such anger. if you post, you takes your lumps along with your kudos. if you can&apost do that, get off the fucking site. what do you think the world owes you? continuing adoration? by everyone? sorry, chump, that ain&apost gonna happen. for anybody. especially for someone with such huge chips on both shoulders, low confidence, trying to hang on looks alone. A suggestion: lose the iPhone and you won&apost be worried about being disturbed any longer. Rather pitiful actually.

  • rf

    OP, right on. too many narrow-minded bitches posting on here. looking good and the hair is on point!

  • Lawlz

    hello Britney...

  • urbaba

    it would have been classier to show ur ass and not ur finger

  • Jack

    ..But Exceeds in sexyness, I want more!

  • lolol

    is that a remote with an apple pasted on it!? hahahahaha
    you FAIL at photoshop

  • This site is all that is wrong

    I must be on the wrong site. I thought I went to "".

  • Jasper

    Now that is sex hair.

  • Ben

    @scotty p. , you couldn&apost be lucky enough to touch this young man with a ten foot pole rather less with your cock, you only dream of it, for someone who regards himself too good for him, you sure leave a lot of nasty comments to a lot of these pics, why don&apost you do me a favor and find yourself a real life, something else to do with your time, I would rather see more from this guy than what you have to show.

  • Sundance

    I think you are cute and sexy. And I would love to see what I am sure is a hot, cute smooth ass that needs a good fucking. I do wonder, however, why you spend so much time on here reading what everyone thinks and why you feel compelled to comment on lots of them? One thing for sure: you have created a flurry of activity on this site1

  • denis/mikel is fail

    ^ fail comeback is fail

  • Mikel

    @lols - dear, i won&apost even bother to break your spirit with justification of whether I have an image here or own an iPhone. So where&aposs your "proof" cockbite?
    @brian - yeah, you&aposre right. I&aposm bald and fat, and don&apost forget 83 years old. Of course you know that because you were the one on your knees sucking my cock and licking my ass and begging for more last night..... sorry, I promised I wouldn&apost tell anyone. Ya punkass bitch.

    What a common brain response.... "bet you don&apost have an iPhone" "where&aposs your picture, prove you have a picture" pfffttttt.... you simple minded morons just entertain the living hell out of me! Keep up the good work! Gives me something to laugh at besides your tiny penises LOL
    Stupid bitches. Hahahhahaha!

    What&aposs really funny is that most of you would piss yourself if someone walked up to you in real life and got in your face with a comment.

  • Countryboy

    Hmmm I think i've seen this guy somewhere else, maybe here am I correct? no?

  • RR2

    @ jay; nah hes not the most commented picture in all of GWiP theres some with much more comments (but just as funny/bitchy LOL!)

  • larry rudolph

    Ha ha ha you gay dudes are fucking hilarious, tearing each other apart, I&aposm straight but I find this guy hot looking

  • Jared

    Why post. You honestly didnt expect any criticism you Farrah Fawcett fanclub reject!

  • B


  • contact me:

  • PcW

    So funny...lawls

  • Mariah Carey

    Lamb, you are not a Diva. Shake it Off my Fat ass....

    You wish I was Your Girl

  • Greg

    Your look is Circa 1992...think Joey Lawerence, but in a really bad way.

  • Honest guy

    You guys need to SHUT THE HELL UP! Are ya&aposll telling me you wouldn&apost get down on your knees and blow this guy in a heartbeat????? All these Idiot haters are just jealous, that&aposs all.

  • ruly

    Ur so sexy I think everyone would agree that we wanna c less clothes more skin sexy papi

  • bRayn

    Man, you&aposre so cool. Maybe someday we can both get our hair bleached and curled at the mall and then take a trip to Claires and buy some douche bag necklaces.
    Maybe. Someday. In the mean time, stay COOOOLLLLL!!!!

  • jay

    Lol. He&aposs the winner for manipulating all the haters into making this picture the most commented picture in all of gwip. There&aposs nothing wrong with the way he looks.

  • Fox

    Hot body, hot attitude. All the haters would suck your dick in a heartbeat and you fucking know it.

  • mr blue eyes

    so up yourself

  • 2cute

    crazies! this guy is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! who spiked the hater kool-aid? one thing figures though: guys this cute are often mean assholes, but hey, they&aposve earned it, lol.

    p.s. i can only speculate on how nice his ass probably is... hehe.

  • Brian

    Ha ha this is funny, @Denis why don&apost you post a picture of yourself since you seem to be the perfect guy, givinng out beaty advices to this beautiful young man, I bet you&aposre bald and fat

  • Owner of this photo

    You guys are lame, ubviuosly did not get the fact that I was being funny with the response,,, oh well...don&apost take it seriously!

  • Richard

    No hate here! Thanks for the post! You have a great body and there is nothing wrong with the hair in my book. Have a great day!

  • ScottyP.

    It&aposs become apparent that even though your an attractive young man, you&aposre so full of yourself that you can&apost take peoples comments unless they&aposre all positive. To do a fuck you shows either that you are confident enough not to care what people think or your so weak you can&apost stand the truth. Either way it makes you a very unatractive individual. I&aposd still do you but I&aposd just wipe my cock off on you and walk away.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a girl.

  • Derek

    I think she posted on the wrong site. she typed in instead of We forgive you for your mistake.

  • cwg

    why is everyone so nasty on here? I think he&aposs a really good looking guy and i like his &apostude- it&aposs certainly warranted -esp with the croud on here!!! (and I think your hair is f&aposin awesome!) :)

  • Clarice

    To all the douchebags in this photo, fuck you right back.

  • touchmonkey

    not so much into the bitchy thing, but what a hot guy and obviously sensitive. i&aposd love to know more about him

  • lols

    @denis, whats even funnier is a creep like you giving out beauty tips when you aint got it to even show ur own pic here, ya probably dont even have an iphone lols

  • Boe

    Marry me!

    Aussie boy here :-p

  • Denis

    What&aposs funny is that you post your image on an unsecured website and then you get attitude when random strangers subject your image to comments that you don&apost like. Pretty funny and attention starved, if you ask me.

    While I&aposm at it.... work a little more on getting some definition for those plain abs and undefined chest, spend a little less time on the arms, hair and the tan. ;-) that was too easy, i couldn&apost resist.

  • Owner of this photo

    @luvrealman..bend over i&aposll show u what a girl I am.@GUTO it&aposs Britney BITCH!@Maria Carey..I&aposll shake it off@don rickles..yes she does and so do I,go to a gym fatass@mike..maybe I will@barber..give the woman a break, she just passed away!!@itmighsmellabit..yes it stinks, that&aposs why u need to wipe babe@jeff w...not it&aposs not 1983 it&aposs 2009 and hair is back bitch!@all the anonymous your real faces you cowards@all the fans thanks:) hugs

  • Fudge

    the comments are priceless!

  • Perez Hilton

    @ billybob n barber , for goodness&apos sake let the woman rest in peace!

  • Brendan

    I think he&aposs gorgeous. =)

  • Martin

    Just be yourself. You are great!!!

  • suckologist

    @itmightsmellabit...loved the link...2funny!

  • Wo

    long hair is back in dintya know?

  • jeff w.

    hah! this guy should be on hotchickswithdouchebags (without the chick, obviously)... not

    It&aposs not 1983 anymore, get a haircut!

  • Anonymous

    itmightsmellabit - you gave me a good chuckle xx

  • mangina

    @ Blake er i think it was a joke lol!

  • Blake

    it doesn&apost match the phone, it&aposs two different guys

  • itmightsmellabit

    now im sure ive seen that finger somewhere else before, was it here?

  • anonymous

    Looks like she got her panties in a bunch. Put yer pic up publicly and take what comes at ya&apos girlfriend.

  • barber


  • His Fan

    Yup it&aposs the same guy from both those pics, I know him, he takes very sexy pics

  • BFL

    Hey this one isn&apost airbrushed! Good job :)

  • Jacen

    I don't know if I believe that he's this guy definitely this guy though I like the statement we can be too critical on this site. He's hot, and he should keep posting

  • mike

    maybe if you show your penis all this hate will turn into love. show us ur cock!

  • Anonymous

    i think ur hot n sexy and its great that ur giving the finger to the haters, i doubt whether any of them dare show their own pics here and i doubt whehter they could take the critism either

  • don rickles

    i didn&apost know kathy griffin has muscles.....
    may be she works out now.

  • Mariah Carey

    Hey Lamb....Sorry my Re-Toucher was busy today. I see he didn&apost get to your picture

  • bevb

    gay, srt8, bi who cares, hes hot ANd bitchy, yeah thats what i like ;)

  • Carl

    He actually DID post a nice pic but everyone attacked him for it, we&aposve turned him into a monster!

  • sunkist

    haah umm...
    I don&apost know if your gay or whatevs,
    but your easily the hottest guy I&aposve ever layed eyes on.
    hehee email me at
    later sweetz

  • digby

    Hey, your&apose a great looking guy, why don&apost you just drop the attitude and post a straightforward &aposnice&apos pic. Can you do that?

  • GOD

    he&aposs beautiful.

  • Luis

    He's also the same guy from this Pic same body and necklace.. tight body

  • ramon

    one of his other pics here

  • Anonymous

    so gay.

  • Anonymous

    someone is bitter

  • Eyeman

    actually, that&aposs not a guy with an iphone. he doctored this one in, too. look closer.
    but for the record, i loved the other pic, i thought it was cool.

  • Mike

    I&aposd blow you... ur one hot fucker!

  • NoIphonehere

    Ha ha! Awesome! Love your pics :)

  • GUTO


  • luv real men

    oh the girly looking boy is back.. Hey goldilocks

  • Buffalo Bill

    Does this kid have another pic on this site? if so what is the link?!

  • suckologist

    We hate you cause you&aposre beautiful....pretty boy. You really shoudn&apost post if you can&apost take negative comments.

  • caribbeanking

    He kinda looks like a girl.... Or is it just me?

  • Wingnux

    Nice pic! =) Send some more, please!

  • Ty

    I love your hair. omfg.
    And yes.
    Please do.

  • artemisrex

    what about to your fans? cuz i think you&aposre always hot, in every pic. #forserious

  • rlf

    wow. is it that serious

  • David

    hell yeah! x

  • Man_in_the_mists

    I love you.

  • billy bob

    farrah is back from the dead! She doesnt look as good as she used to. :(

  • hrm

    now that&aposs a guy with an iphone! lol! rock on stud!

  • Anonymous

    Aaaawwwww diddums is u still pissed at wat they wrote on ur ohter pic here lolssss

  • wanch

    haha yeah fuck em

  • Nate

    Haha! Good for you! Nice arms! :o)

  • ILD

    HAHA NIce one!

  • alaphabets

    haters? where?! im in love with the website

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