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August 29, 2009 - 12:06 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Michael

    Unbelievable handsome. A body that anyone would die for. Here is a man that knows how to keep fit. I can just imagination what the rest of you look like Just beautiful.

  • bigbooty

    you should see the rest of him. it is amzing.

  • Very hot

  • zac

    DAMN! I would drop to my knees any day for you!

  • Jack (Atl.)

    PURRRRFECTION, dude. great tapered torso. keep up the good work :))

  • musclebander

    that is a fucking solid piece of man bod - you should be proud and walk down the street naked every Tuesday and Thursday of the week stud

  • Rico

    Ha ha Jim!! Nice

  • Toby

    Nice body. Where are u sexy? In Los Angeles here. Would be cool to meet up somtime if u are in the hood sometime. 28 year old in shape guy here. Hit me up sometime.

  • apoetsmuse

    Now thats perfection at it&aposs best!!!

  • Ciao!

    damnnn. What a body!!! (

  • -Oh_

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomg. no comment. just let me lick your wonderful body and ur dick.

  • christopher

    HOLY DAMN!!! I would not be able to take my eyes of you in to perfection!!(since perfect be real) You have worked hard & it shows. Please post more!!

  • steve10134

    That is as close to perfect as anyone can get. Can we see your obliques?

  • brotherdoc

    you are all missing those kissable lips! mmmmm

  • aby

    Like it:P

  • AsSeenOnTv

    God I love a proportionate body.. Arms match the delicious chest and oh btw can I do my laundry on those abs.. wow.. Very nice.

  • davidw

    Holy fuck, I want to lick every inch of your ripped body. Please... :)

  • Jake

    Dude your body is • OFF da HOOK •
    "be you, be amazing™ " ©2009 jcl

  • kas

    Your body is PERFECT! Hit me up :)

  • Pa


  • joshy moshy

    he must be making up for something.... hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • RedHead420

    Damn I&aposd bang you in a second!

  • c

    You don&apost know how big of a turn on this is :) you are my fantasy, fuck me now !

  • scott

    Simply THE BEST!...... enough said!

  • Joe

    what a hot man! Not overly huge, just damn right!

  • sweet jesus

    Oh my sweet lord you can&apost be real. this must me a dream your body is insane. love it

  • Wow Batman, that is hot!!!!

  • rick from LA

    FUCK! Please make me your #1 bitch boy! I promise to please!

  • Bryan

    Damn man, effin HOT bod!

  • Luigimail

    I love how cut you are, is your cock cut too?

  • suckologist

    Insane definition on your bod. Make me want more. MORE. Show me more.

  • bWayne

    Your hard work has definitely paid off. You are lickable ;-P&apos&apos&apos

  • Kainoa

    Hella sexy

  • Don Alan

    Dude, you are fuckin&apos MASSIVE yet beautiful. Not roided extreame. Truly built hot.

  • Jay.

    Holy, nipples, I am in love.

  • Cmacspc

    Oh Sweet Jesus!!! Please Upload more pics!!!

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