Guys With iPhones

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August 31, 2009 - 10:42 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • TSS

    What till you get a look at the other eye when he moves that phone....t

  • Jimmy Jessex

    I was gonna say awfully familiar Portland boy.. and smokin&apos hot!

  • lauren

    wow you are handome!

  • Bordoni_Brazil

    Ohhh... I wish you could be here...

  • MLC

    Seattle boy..

  • minny

    nerd creep? pish-posh, totally adorkable. btw, do you live in the twin cities?

  • sammy

    Don&apost listen to Philly - you&aposre great, keep them coming!

  • philly

    oh god it&aposs the nerd creep again. there should be a limit of how many posts this guy can make. newsflash: your self-portraits are cheeseball.

  • Marcos

    How can I get a free pair?

  • Dubz

    Marcos - you&aposre right, and they were free! Yep

  • Matty

    i&aposm in love.

  • Marcos

    Those are expensive Japanese designer frames.

  • You&aposre hot

    WOW, soooooo sexy!!!!

  • allelel

    AAAAAAAAyyyyy ommmahh te la comia toaaa

  • Luís

    Cat...very cat!!!!

  • kaylee

    Does "Claire-bear" know what you do with her iphone, Agent Bennet?

  • Nick

    love ur glasses, ur eyes, and smirk, and you :o

  • Lee

    well, you are adorable!

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