Guys With iPhones

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August 31, 2009 - 02:45 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • JayEm

    i kno this kid...and i dnt believe that you&aposve been with him!

  • LeQwann

    I second that. This was a hot fuck, he let me cum in his tight hole....Great bottom!

  • JayEm

    hmmm...sumpunk how do you kno?

  • Marcos

    This guy has fucked me.

  • suprmn8gmail

    Hot! U are gorgeous

  • sumpunk

    Take my word for it, this dude is further pics unfortunately :/ But his ass is simply amazing....sigh

  • Luvsnut

    Yes!! Do we get to see what&aposs lower?

  • chris

    fucking adorable

  • All of the above, with special mention for the dark, fuzzy, happy trail .


    Tres CHAUDE

  • Anonymous

    i want to lick those arm pits

  • anonymous

    yes, please

  • sweet jesus

    oh sweet lord. love a dude with curves

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