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August 31, 2009 - 04:45 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • urban pervert

    hey sexy...wanna play with you.

  • Anonymous

    happy BD to me!!!!!!!!!!

  • jimmy

    I dont care what the room looks like. This guy is hot.

  • Xxfroggie77xx

    What&aposs up with the bra hanging on that hutch thing in the back and the ladies speed stick?
    Hot guy tho!

  • Anonymous

    You are really hot!

  • Luke

    SHOW me more ;)

  • jman

    wow, very hottt. hit me up if you want.

  • billbo baggins

    You look like Sean Scott Williams, get some queen to suck your dick and make them clean up....i think it works with girls but eeewwwww

  • Joshua

    PINK perfume from Victoria&aposs Secret? Red Bra in the background? Is your girlfriend posting these pictures on your behalf? Seriously - tell her to clean, then maybe her man won&apost be tricking out on a gay iphone consumer website!

  • jOr

    Oh-la-la. be mine! (

  • -Oh_

    you&aposre fucking good. email me

  • Boston

    Look at his cute red bra! Fancy boy

  • Steven

    dang ur smokey sexy I don&apost care I ur room is a mess because when me and u fuck it&aposs going to be more of a mess then before;) email me to chat ;-)

  • pinkpineapples

    hasnt this image been posted before? lol

  • Scott

    So what? His room&aposs messy - it could be worse, and besides, no one said he was inviting any of us over.

  • Marcos

    Where&aposs your bed? Fuck me NOW!!!

  • GD

    What a hottie with a perfect body! You&aposre freaking HOT dude!

  • Jacoby

    Nice to have a smooth, lean stud post for a change. Kinda tired of some of the recent full-figured posts

  • luigimail

    whos BRA is hanging from the shelving in the corner? The cups look waaay too big for this little boy!

  • Will

    Messy room or crackers in bed...I don&apost care. You are very handsome..kinda like Andy Roddick gone right.

  • ccal

    it just looks like he&aposs sorting his laundry. my room likes that when i sort mine.
    (is that a red bra hanging back there??)

  • haywood-wakefeild

    sweet kid, but buy a dresser

  • cree

    Girl... clean up your room

  • James

    jesus dude youre fucking hot

    clean your room

  • Anonymous

    just perfect!

  • Luigimail

    Consumer reports rates him as a "best buy" however he has yet to recieved the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. I&aposm great at cleaning, organizing and coaching guys like you. Contact me for references. Luigimail@aol

  • anonymous

    Thank God, there is finally a good looking guy on here again! Whats up with all the fuglies lately?? And yes, I HAVE posted, so shut your face.

  • Don Alan

    Yummy. you have posted before, and you are still deliciously HOT. But you also still haven&apost cleaned up your room. I offered to cum over and do it for you - but you never called. :-( We&aposre only 2-degrees of separation on the hotness scale, so why would you reject me? I curse you now to a life of mediocrity, messy rooms and tragically empty and meaningless sex. ;-) Farewell...

  • Kino

    Your room is a hot mess but rhat body is just plain hot!

  • Jonathan

    Wow! I want to lick every inch of his body!!

  • Ande

    Very hot!! And your room is messy like mine! ;)

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