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August 31, 2009 - 10:49 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Wow. I&aposd love to see more. Lots and lots more! Super sexy!

  • LStone

    Wow! You look amazing.. I&aposm glad you didn&apost bare it all.. it makes this picture really sexy in a mental way. Thanks!

  • gfootx

    you look like a greek superhottie dimitris vlahos(or vlachos or vlaxos)

  • Bryan

    Seriously adorable! Now come to bed, lover. ;)

  • Sammm8

    What a cutie !!!

  • Ryan

    Absolutely Adorable

  • veg

    - take your jeans off -

  • Steven

    damn there&aposs alote to say ummmm damn ur hot can u just email me please I will do anything u want or ask me to do;)

  • joshy moshy

    waste of a need to be fully de-clothed....yes?

  • casualobserver

    A sexy skinny boy. Hey good lookin&apos, give us a better shot of that handsome face .

  • madmax

    Cute and a great photo! Even with your clothes on, i&aposll give you a ten. In fact, by coincidence, a ten is about what i can take...

  • Teebsie

    Beautiful face. I hope to see more from you. =)

  • fritz


  • Zaq


  • Don Alan

    What is a hot young man doing in such a vast empty space all alone? If you were my man you would never be alone or unsatisfied. ;-)

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