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September 11, 2009 - 05:44 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • chon

    i love you

  • SunKissed

    Your a beautiful, daring and talented man Mr Calza.

  • Chris

    You are sexy as hell!

  • waitingtoexhale

    I new it your a italian god with Roman hands and russian fingers

  • Shell

    Beautiful masculine man! And I love your work too - thanks for posting!

  • your my center

    jock strap and look at us,... in my dreams your a bottom who can cook & loves football

  • Mazin Al-Fadi


  • Joe

    Very nice set, Alessandro Calza!

  • Dar474

    SMOKIN&apos HOT!!!

  • Mark

    I HAVE DIED.......

  • JD

    Wow, a real man ! mmm

  • Anonymous

    WOW ! WOW ! WOW !

  • Mv

    Yes thats Alessandro Calza who starred in the movie Ciao, its totally awesome that he&aposs on GWiP!

  • FF


  • Shal

    I think its that guy who was in the movie CIAO

  • 3 wanting more in Sydney.

    we (three guys looking for another twelve)

    think you&aposre a hotty.

    we wanna see the goods sunshine.

  • acentofman

    Hello, look at us. your a sweet man but show more.

  • Clive

    God damn! Now that&aposs a MAN! probably straight...

  • David

    oh...fuck yes.

  • Shawn

    Nice! Alessandro Calza is a hottie! He was in a gay themed movie. He&aposs gay in real life too even hotter :-)

  • Jared

    Aww, no bulge..

  • Anonymous

    V sexy. Next time lets try it without the shorts. If it&aposs as thick as your fingers were in for a treat!

  • James Schmitz

    yes please! you are amazin! where are you in teh world?

  • S

    Mmm... i wanna wrestle you! I would lose, but i don&apost think i care! :-)

  • mandater favorite man more, more, more!

  • casey

    how do you find out people&aposs names here? you&aposre beautiful. just the slightest hint of VPL is so hot.

  • sugarstick

    you are the man! i wanna have your babies!

  • Joey

    Damn! I&aposll take you anytime!

  • ! On fire!

  • rr

    This has "MAN" written all over it!!

  • will

    wouao you look like the actor in "Ciao"

  • K

    damn, this guy is BIG!

  • akito_kun

    Damn. I wish these strong arms would grab me. Hot man !!

  • eric

    wow...this guy is super hot...

  • Anonymous

    nice hot hot hot

  • Doug

    WOW !!! AWESOME !!! Thanks for posting. More pictures..please. I can only imagine what&aposs hidden !

  • Glen

    Great too see U Allesandro WOOF!!!

  • luigimail

    Lets PLAY BALL!

  • Kaydenjones

    Daaaamn boy!!!!!! U are the sexiiest one on this site!!!

  • Anonymous

    Drop dem drawers!!!

  • frogboy

    Alessandro... you&aposre beautiful.

  • James

    Please let me be your bottom slave!!

  • raul1188

    hot hot hot!

  • kent

    your fingers look like hot!

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