Guys With iPhones

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September 11, 2009 - 09:46 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Jff

    Fucking shallow junky whore queens. Seriously learn to appreciate a real man, this man is gorgeous. He is what he is, without anyone dictating to him who he should be. Much respect to the hot man in the picture, he&aposs been a friend of mine on myspace for like 5 years or some shit. great guy, very hot!

  • El Brucio

    Wow, I can&apost believe all the haters. He&aposs fricken hot. And I&aposm willing to bet he&aposs far more attractive in person than all you negative queens.

  • Anonymous

    Don&apost know this guy, but am getting tired of seeing his fat face on gay related blogs. Not hatin&apos but he does have hot dog fingers.

  • catty

    neck tattoos are nasty

  • stupidity

    ive slept with him and you arent missing much lmfao!

  • Anonymous

    he&aposs NOT hot. at all.

  • sz

    Jeremy is hot! i wanna fuck him so bad!

  • eeks

    lose the beard and lost some weight, get a tan, lose the earings and tats and work out a bit then you might look ok

  • Anonymous


  • otaku

    love Jeremy... a STL native

  • top

    jeremy ur a super slut!!! we all know you!! surprised your not showing cock!!!

  • LuckyA

    He&aposs such a fucking hottie! I want him to fuck me!

  • MiamiFeet

    Everything works here. F**k the haterz

  • rbFlygal

    f*ck all u haters Jeremy is such a cutie xoxo

  • nappy

    the thing is the ear looks stupid

  • Anonymous

    i like the beard

  • Jeremy

    Where&aposs your cock, Jeremy?

  • iknowyou

    jeremy please!

  • AM

    Looky-looky! Hello, J! I knew you would on here.

  • NAP79

    A young Harvey Fierstein?

  • Anonymous

    he looks pregnant.

  • SF

    oh no not HIM again!

  • HAHA

    fuckin ell look at the size of that plunger, you must get some freakin awesome blockages???? LOL!

  • :(


  • Tek

    Cool to see a guy I know on here

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