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September 13, 2009 - 09:09 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • fill

    what a hottie..!

  • Guy

    You&aposre beatiful guy!
    my msn:

  • FratGuy08

    haha what happened to the nipple rings Jacob??

    still cant believe you posted this bro.

    hit me back on here and i&aposll give you my email address. to know its you tell me what you call your pledges up at school.

  • FratGuy08

    hahaha hey bro, we had the same class one semester. Does your frat brothers know these pics are on here?

  • Beautiful

  • abandndlight


  • Jameson

    I love everything about this guy. That is a beautiful body.

  • Lefty

    Nice Bro what&aposs Up???

  • rough writer

    you are perfect, dawg. hot damn.

  • bbboy

    luv u

  • bbboy

    luv u

  • bucky

    like to change his attitude

  • jay

    nice abs

  • Tee

    I agree, nice everything and I love that cocky look, MARRY ME! I will take care of you forever!!!!!

  • cc

    good looking. but you look like a huge d bag


    Lovin the torso - fuckin HOT! I could spend days licking it.....

  • chitown

    Yes Please! To go.

  • primebeff

    Damn his a handsome guy and he has a nice dick too. he can fuck me anytime..

  • Jared

    Yeah, wow...I love it!

  • Anonymous


  • touchmonkey


  • steve

    where are these men at? goodness i need me a man like this, and good in bed too.

  • GothamDuo

    The boy does have a stunning body (with his classic Greek proportions and flawless skin), but it his cocky expression that makes us hard because it&aposs a glimpse of how he rolls. We hope he knows (or learns) how to use his gifts. If so he is going to have a blast. Peace.

  • bob

    i want you

  • Anonymous

    Not the same phone, not the same guy EOS

  • Curtis

    Wow, I actually started getting wood.

  • Ryder

    love those nipples dude... any gay or bi guys can add me at

  • Mazin Al-Fadi

    sexy smirk! and even SEXIER body! & if that is the same guy in that link...beautiful cock!

  • Anonymous

    Naked. Please? For me?

  • Thomas

    It&aposs deff the same guy... just different iPhones for whatever reason.

  • peoplearestupid

    you guys are all stupid its not the same guy as the other one

    they have different iphones!

  • Hey Smirky ! Stupid facial expression, INCREDIBLE everything else. With a body like that, you don&apost have to look smart . p.s. I want my dick in you .

  • brian

    Nice body... love the nipples!! Send another pic but loose the towel!

  • Rant

    Macky dyosa, update your vocab and grammar and stop giving crap about guys who post pics here. what do you mean &aposdo this&apos ? you think this is what low-lifes do ? piss off hater !

  • Anonymous

    Same nipples, same knot at the top of the rib cage. same guy.

  • Drew

    Young, smooth & hot. Every man&aposs dream!

  • i have to actually commend someone, but i do appriciate you as a person, your still young to do this, why change and live life to the fullest...

  • Cmacspc

    haha he gives the best back rubs...

  • Jacoby

    Fuckin nice smooth mandcaped bod! A perfect 10

  • ilikey

    Fantastic! just luv it!

  • Kevin


  • Anonymous

    Something tells me knows how attractive he is... which somehow makes him less so... but still pretty to look at :)

  • Clive

    I love this site.

  • Luigimail

    We have a houseboy position open in SF if your interested luigimail@aol

  • mbrenkley

    Now drop the towel

  • Eli

    Yum yum, let&aposs see what&aposs under the blue towel ;) (

  • Anonymous

    I wan tto eat you alive.. so hot....

  • chris

    Not JUST the bod which is awesome, but that cocky, arrogant expression makes that the hottest pic here in awhile!

  • wii


  • mat

    the word perfection comes to mind.

  • AH!!!!!!!!

    super cute super cute super cute suter cupe... oops /swoon /melt

  • jk

    cute cute cute cute cute

  • Teebsie

    You are gorgeous. More please.

  • Troy M

    Absolutely just delicious!!

  • GD

    F&aposkn sexy!!!

  • plato playdoe

    The bad boy snear, the smerk of discontent gotta go but the twink in sheeps cloths gotta stay. Show the ass, man

  • brian

    holy shit omg mofo

  • dn

    Truly Beautiful

  • My BF and I are looking at you and we both are thinking "Fuck me?".

  • Marcos

    HOTFUCKDAMN.....You need to keep your raw dripping pulsing cock deep in me all night.

  • Drew

    soooo fucking hot! I would suck you dry!

  • Teris

    yeah, yeah, smirky generic twink, par for the course, common as grass, pretty as a picture and nothing else more. Maybe you are a real person n you other life, but not in this, no sir.


  • db

    nice delicious tits/nipples + abs...a picture with a towel ? Thanks for posting :)

  • AsSeenOnTv

    Man i log on and the first thing I see is you.. Simply Amazing.. Thank your parents for making you... yummmy

  • bWayne

    I&aposm in LUST! Be mine and I&aposll take care of you 4ever! ;-P&apos&apos&apos

  • luv2suk

    Great bod; nice nipples!

  • Flygal

    I&aposd fuck him

  • yummy
  • rick from LA

    love you! let&aposs get naked and fuck!

  • miguel

    big neck,
    small adam&aposs apple.

  • robert

    We&aposve just got to see MORE of you...please

  • Don Alan

    So totally smokin&apos HOT. Wow, you&aposve got a great body. Take care of it and use it well, safe and often.

  • Fudge

    oh my. that&aposs amazing.

  • cndboy

    HOT DUDE, and great smile, sexi body ... what boy would not be proud to have you on his are as his BF!

  • Hhawaiian

    Fuckme. Totally hot. Drop the towel!

  • Steven

    hello sexy I wish u could pull that towel down email me and I&aposll send u a pic of my abs

  • wow

    nice body! you are hot!

  • Perfect, just perfect!

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