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Chris Salvatore

September 14, 2009 - 10:45 AM
Chris Salvatore on Guys with iPhones
  • me

    Chris Salvatore damn your so hot! i really want to see you naked!!

  • liao

    omgg chris salvatore!!! you&aposre soooo hot damnnn want to get to know you better :)

  • Lefty

    Nice bro

  • Lucas

    You&aposre beautiful ;( Bonito hombre ;(

  • Le gini

    wow just wow

  • maxwell

    oh, wow, so weird seeing my friend chris here.

  • Ryan

    He&aposs not all that hot.

  • primebeff

    Damn!! Know thats one handsome guy..

  • Would someone please contact my family and please let them know that I have died and gone to heaven. They can have what ever they want, this is what I want!

  • danzel

    i want to lick every inch of your body... especially your abs and your beard. email me

  • bob

    "Tats on wrong side, still cute"

    it&aposs a mirror reflection. fyi.

  • tim

    hell yah so fucking hot

  • Anonymous

    tha way i like!

  • Piz

    if only i could meet a guy just like you, cut and simple.. just perfect!
    Great work!

  • Anonymous

    yep and here's a video of him singing on youtube.. he is a hot one for sure

  • bobbybilltree

    Tats on wrong side, still cute

  • Mazin Al-Fadi

    hell yeah! sexy!

  • monkojojo

    te vez bien riko papi !!

  • NYClawyer

    Yup, that&aposs Chris Salvatore. Very sexy!

  • ldv

    Um, you&aposre handsome! and sexy. Nice combination ;) (

  • Necio

    Estoy ansioso por ver tu película.

  • anonymous1

    he&aposs from eating out 3.

  • Hello, daddy. I would love to lick your cum off that tummy.

  • Miguel

    WOw, nice tatoo add me on msn at

  • jk

    what a beatiful specimen.

  • Luigimail

    Really hot, I&aposd love to see him at our 5 year anniversary!

  • K


  • anonymous

    Okay dude, you&aposre smokin.

  • Blake

    Wow. Wow.

  • cntrlnjguy

    F**kin hot thats a hottie

  • Simone!

    Woooow! add me on msn!

  • Fivefathoms

    Beautiful body, but even more beautiful body. Would love to see more

  • seventy3

    Hey Soldier... that&aposs hot.

  • Don Alan

    Totally Ripped Body, super! And looks like those dark sexy eyes that I love so much. You are HOt man.

  • jameson

    seriously! real? jaw dropped... this man is fine!

  • Jacob

    Nice smooth, lean dude. Now pull your pants down.

  • Steve

    I think this might be the man of my dreams! Sweet Jesus I hope he is in the Uk :-p

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