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September 19, 2009 - 08:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Ry


  • Joe

    What a nice pic! Have you any others?

  • cubmedian

    I would you bang me like a screendoor in a hurricaine!

  • CTR

    Sexy!! Love to see your pubes! Send me some pics

  • Anonymous

    OMG I want you for myself!

  • hairychestlover

    OMG you are perfection, loveless hairy chest

  • Dude From Brazil

    Damn Dude... Youre hot. If you have messenger, add me

  • cfb

    Let that beard grow in a bit buddy. I didn&apost completely melt at first glance. /lick

  • tony

    could we please see the rest? hairy legs + everything else?

  • Nick

    Sir, it would be my honor to eat the corn out of your sh*t!!!

  • CC

    real good looking. an actual man on here for once

  • Truth


  • Sean

    wow man geat body, beautiful eyes.

  • Saucisse

    Love the fur ! Super hot !

  • Prolly the hottest ever seen on here, and they&aposre almost all hot.

  • Very sexy. Handsome too Do we get to see more?

  • lookb4

    OMG...would love to get lost on that chest! love when men look like men!!!

  • lookb4

    wow...i would love to get lost in your chest...

  • C


  • CursiveLie

    nice hair, beautiful eyes, toned NOM NOM


    Absolutely sexy!

  • nilla4me

    seriously? everyone else should just stop posting now. this and hall of famer from yesterday reign supreme.

  • Anita Greencard

    Nice to see a real man! Fur and beard. Down with the twinks

  • anonymous

    This is what a real man looks like, no?

  • manscaperer

    EEEK HAIR!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fucken amazing

  • rick

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm...manly and magnificent!

  • jo

    Thanks for the idea... gonna squeeze off a round to that right now.

  • tony

    can we please see more?

  • Anonymous

    ALL MAN!!!!!!

  • Craig

    Marry me! Hot an hairy!

  • kpp


  • mikey


  • brian

    Dude you are hot with your hairy chest, and your very cute too!!

  • Hey there, handsome ! I can&apost find the words to accurately convey how, exactly, I&aposd love to get my hands/mouth/cock on you (and yours on me) .

  • jordan

    i could use a daddy like you ;-)

  • Hank

    Man and sakes alive you are the beautiful hunky all-man type! I&aposll bet the man smells are must-i-ly AMAZING! :->

  • Joe


  • db

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL ! Thanks for posting !

  • bill sykes

    cuby huby

  • Glen


  • Anonymous

    Mmm, I&aposd take a man with a beautiful furry chest like this over a big dick any day!!

  • lee

    OMG! you are so handsome!
    atlanta , Ga. here get in touch with me!

  • FunNFurryOtter

    absolutely HOT, HOT, HOT! gorgeous in the face, hot hairy chest, and muscles! it&aposs all there!

  • al

    defo one of the hottest guys on here! you&aposre yummy

  • primebeff

    WOOF!! Daddy love the hairy chest big time and you&aposre sexy too.

  • Luigimail

    What a man, what a man!

  • Bjoerne

    Welcome to move into my IPhone

  • ScottyP.

    There&aposs nothing like a nice furry man. Can I come over and snuggle up to you?

  • Jon

    One word, DADDY!!!

  • long beach

    By far the hottest guy on this site!! Wow!!

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    Hot hot hot for sure

  • JP

    Ohhhhhh yaaaaaa..... NICE!

  • Omg


  • lovefur

    Hands down one of thee best looking guy one here!

  • Grrr

    woof! Handsome!

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