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September 22, 2009 - 01:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • JT

    It&aposs so nice to see a hot hairy guy!

  • Anonymous

    youre so fucking hot in a nerdy way. ;)

  • glass_of_water1

    This is very impressive... just looking at the face is a total turn on. You&aposre beautiful.

  • Ben

    I don&apost think I&aposve ever been this attracted to another guy before. You are perfect! I wish there was a way I could get in contact with you! Or at least get more pics...

  • Dude, I&aposve been looking for my character, Jemmytee, for an erotic-suspense book I want to write, and you&aposre him! He doesn&apost care if you&aposre an innie or an outtie, if he likes you he paints your portrait then has fun with you. Once I&aposm done with the Irish book I&aposm currently writing, I&aposm starting in on it. You&aposre not just Adorkable of the Month on Square Hippies, you&aposre now my muse. Lovin&apos it.

  • christian

    ok so how do we get ahold of these individuals hahaha.

  • Thomas

    Dude, you are one classically good looking guy. If you are in the DFW area, would love to talk to you.

  • Gideon

    Damn dude! I just can&apost wait to give you a heavy blow job. You&aposre so fine n am hard!

  • rough writer

    i think you live in san josé, calif.

  • DTW

    wow Mister, I had no idea I was friends with such a celebrity!! To tell you the truth, I wasn&apost even aware you were the owner of an IPhone...I knew about the hot dick and stuff, lol! Dane

  • Anonymous

    cute and sexy... perfect combo

  • SAP

    Can&apost wait to continue seeing more and more of you! So stunningly hot!

  • Richard

    Preston my love -- we miss you - Please post more pictures!!! Your photos are always the conversation of our movie nights! You&aposve got all our votes!

  • tony

    Please post more, handsome! please dont stop! you&aposve created a monster! your admirers and followers are dying to see what you will post next....and do work on your own website! ill be the first one to subscribe!

  • Scottie

    i want to know where this hottie lives lol i want to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet him! ;)

  • Buggs Bunny

    hey doc, I don&apost have insurance lets say we make some other arrangements to pay for your services ;)

  • Wow, so many comments. Will you see mine? I am from Brazil and I liked a lot your photo.

  • db

    how are you ? baby :) when will you post some more pictures ? patiently waiting :)

  • chris

    my baby&aposs back :)

  • alex

    You&aposre so beautiful, you&aposre the most perfect guy I&aposve ever seen. I just want you as my BF :-P Keep the pics coming, we love you

  • grays atom

    Preston is that his it&aposs Kyle or Dirk or Brenna ..oh welll when he checks your prostate just remember don&apost moan another doctors name, they hate that

  • Joe

    Dude, you&aposre driving everyone crazy. It&aposs like you have your very own fan club right here, always waiting for the next pic.

  • RW

    Yo Preston, I&aposm throwing my hat in the ring, too! 6&apos2 Black guy waiting for you right here! ;)

  • Richard

    Preston - thank you for the new pic. I love you and am waiting on your answer to my marriage proposal. Please Marry Me!

  • tim

    doc when do we get more you have got the whole gwif going crazy for you.
    start showing more skin....

  • Jackson

    Hmmm.... I think you use to live in my hometown? Jackson?

  • anonymous

    how does one get in contact w/ the hotest looking hairy handsomeness in scrubs?

  • hey ! thank god you&aposre back, sweet cheeks . please show us more ! not too extreme . maybe your butt in boxer briefs ? (bare ass preferred, of course .)

  • Brazilian Guy

    YOU ARE SOOOO CUTE!!!! YAY, I wanna you.

  • tony

    Please continue to post more pics! u are one handsome stud! and where do i sign the petition to get your website up and running, handsome? i would love to subscribe!

  • Bi

    I love how the hottest guys don&apost have to be naked.

  • Rodoman

    You are the best by far. e-mail me

  • DrewF

    Something about this guy just melts my butter.

  • Chris

    Yay! The hottest guy here is back! You are my fav on this site. I think I&aposm falling in love! ;)

  • AAA

    By far my favorite guy on this site. Please keep posting!

  • johnnie

    Guy, you are hot no matter what! yumm

  • At the risk of being accused of being creepy again, let me just thank you once more for posting again :-).

  • AsSeenOnTv

    OMG he&aposs back.. Hey Doc I&aposm having a funny feeling about half way down my body... Somewhere around the midline... You wanna check it out ;)

  • Nick

    those look like some diesel lux briefs, or maybe jockstrap?

  • lookb4

    pic 1,
    pic 2,
    pic 3,
    pic 4
    ← I just love each and everyone!!!! email me anytime you want!!!

  • Glen

    As I said B4 U R a star WOOF!!!

  • John

    Nice to see you back! john.stoner95 at

  • beau kner

    enough already. get nekkid!

  • prisoner 25496

    "My boyfriend sooo dreeemy"

  • primebeff

    Fuck I&aposd love to get to know you alot beter stud.. And love the hairy chest too.

  • stuart gay

    Hunky, what a man!!!

  • luigimail

    my boyfriends back and your gonna be in trouble, Heyla Heyla my boyfriends back!

  • Gary

    Thanks for posting again!!! Keep them coming. Shirtless, full frontal, back side....they are all HOT. So freaking HOT. Gotta know, are your nipples sensitive. Could bury my head in your beautiful chest and lick them for hours.

  • Scott

    great hair...and just the right amount of chest hair....awesome!

  • justinkase

    Handsome face and absolutely sexy furry chest

  • Luigimail

    I want it, I love it, I want some more of it!

  • Fudge

    I love you Preston! Be mine.

  • Dustin

    STUNNING!!! =)

  • Jay

    Perfect (well for me at least).

  • S

    You&aposre building up quite the fan base, mister! Doctor Delicious is back on duty!

  • Teebsie

    Beautiful. I hope to see more from you.

  • Astro

    SEXY !!!!! SO DELICIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    Hot... would love to cuddle with you.

  • Anonymous

    Hot! Love the glasses, love the hair, love the chest. When do we get to see more.

  • mike

    You are soooo GORGEOUS!

  • Puto da Porra

    Oh, he&aposs back and I&aposm already wet.
    Gostoso filho de uma puta.

  • bmen

    nice body love that face

  • GreekJock

    Again with this guy...if you don&apost get naked soon, my head is going to explode!! LOL You are SOO fucking hot dude! LOVE the hairy, built body!

  • DJ

    The glasses are a sexy compliment to your great hairy chest! Woof!

  • esteban


  • Eric

    this is this guys second or third post, i don&apost remember.. but.. i&aposm just gonna say.. he&aposs freakin HOT... or he is to me at least... HOT HOT HOT!! love the glasses!! :)

  • Dego

    Dr. McTeasy is back. he&aposs still hot... I like the older fotos with the curly hair. but I wouldn&apost mind seeing the full monty


    You are fucking hot! I mean so hot I would let you fuck me....AWESOME hairy chest!

  • Matthew

    You are fucking hot!

  • The poet

    a doctor nice!!

  • LEO

    GO NAKED!!!!

  • Bill

    Nice body

  • lookb4

    glad to see you back!!!

  • db

    HOORAY !!! * vigorously clapping * are back !!! WOW !!! :)

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