Guys With iPhones

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November 23, 2009 - 05:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Abbie Seenia

    I think the swiss blue of the glasses clashes with the teal of the tie. black plastic glasses would be better. or no glasses, since they are a hipster trend that is quickly souring.

  • B

    i thought he looked like Misha Collins(Castiel from Supernatural) or Travis Head from HelloGoodbye.

  • flo

    a croquer

  • Sundance

    I love blue!

  • Anonymous

    Is that brad, from the Raisinface Zoe Project

  • derek

    Please, take of your clothes!

  • A dex ter

    You look a little bit like you&aposre trying too hard, but I like that you&aposre keepin&apos it classy.

  • Nate

    Damn…nerdy & handsome!

  • kyle

    i love guys in glasses. cute!

  • Joe F.

    Those trouser chafing clothes are so restrictive, please take them off. P.S. Love you boo.

  • cute. waiting for the superman look.

  • Cary

    Yes please?

  • What glasses? All I can see are those kissable lips. And would I like to kiss them.........

  • marshi

    You&aposre the first person I&aposve met (uh, not met but...yeah) in years that&aposs heard of Fischerspooner! And yes, he&aposs totally hot. I love the glasses.

  • bd

    The glasses are ridiculous. Why not just put X-mass lights on your head?

  • Anonymous

    Extra bonus points for the Fishcherspooner influence in his look.

  • art

    what a gorgeous face! clark kent with a twist works for me!

  • Aidan

    clark kent! handsome!

  • James

    You&aposre one of the hottest guys here... Yum!

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