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November 27, 2009 - 11:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Sam

    If we can all consider that this is a site focussing on a specific brand of cellphone that is produced by another large corporation (albeit one with better marketing and a more public CEO), someone&aposs inclusion of another corporate logo on their phone is moot point.

  • Chidude

    Now why you wanna go and sully your beautiful phone with that dopey logo?

  • scott N San Diego

    cute guy, but come on that coffee is so 15 minutes ago.

  • tim

    hey buddy lets meet up in the starbucks bathroom and we can shoot some photos of our wild time.

  • JR

    a starbucks case? really??

  • Monkey

    you don&apost really have a corporate logo on your phone, right? just a funny joke perhaps?

  • Boston

    Viral marketing makes it way to Guys with Iphones.

  • Mouse


  • iloveiphone

    Bloody Starfucks get everywhere ;)

  • oymojo1981

    cute guy, shame about his taste in coffee...

  • David

    cute face. very good looking guy!

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