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November 30, 2009 - 08:40 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • minimikej3

    I want that in my mouth now!

  • Scubashon

    Nice cock

  • Hugo

    Rape my ass, lick it out and snowball it back into my mouth!

  • Aiden

    I will suck the color off that dick!

  • m

    nice body along with a good look Dick

  • Dutch


  • suskeihattori

    VERY NICE!!! looks like a killer...

  • taetae!

    can i suck!

  • Satchi

    Raisinclit! I love you, You&aposre the best! Who are we to judge anybody&aposs dick, smile or body...? we can just enjoy or not! but we can all comment on the wall colours and choice of shower curtains! Yeah!!!!

  • Raisinclit

    I&aposm not sure about that shade of blue with the deep maroon tones of the shower curtain. The brown towel is right out and please loose that toilet rug. Consider a smart small loose shag shower rug in front of the tub. A classic white linen shower curtain and fluffy white towels would pull the room together better.

  • Diva


  • redd

    yea he is cutie

  • Dill

    fucking hot!

  • Anonymous

    Omg. Loves is

  • thatdude

    SOOOO HOT DUDE! Hit me up - we could cam together...are you a top?

  • thatdude

    VERY nice cock! I would love to cam with you or please that delicious piece of meat. Email me bro:

  • andre

    lindoo brazill

  • Inkubus heron


  • Jay

    u live in cali? lets hook up ;)

  • ynad

    wao!! what a huge cock.... may i suck it please

  • doug

    fuck, I am NOW a rice queen, damn, that is hot, you are fucking beautiful....

  • TRU 1

    You need to be a porn star.

  • tresbone

    you got a perfect little body

  • James

    damn great cock

  • OMG! I&aposm in love! ;-)

  • BriaNL

    Simply so hot

  • TJ

    leave him alone about his faces... maybe he has some jacked-up teeth or somethin&apos

    Now that dick - we need to see fully hard and shooting a load... on my face preferably!

  • Joey

    fuck, your dick is just amazing.

  • renoFromBrasil

    miawww Hot body huge cock shurly nice face but why this wierd face???
    Too bad i&aposm sure that you look good whit a nice smile.....

  • dru

    damn right, lets have a speedo shot! hot!

  • NY Rose man

    Look at the tan lines. Could you imagine that packed into a speedo?

  • MercedesHunter

    I could take it!

  • the poet

    very nice

  • Lucas

    nice one. actually my body and my cock looks just like urs, kinda big hahahah, i can prove it wit cam, for real. add

  • Anonymous

    I love that he&aposs cut. some of us do, get over it "oh no!"

  • Scott

    Damn! I wanna suck you off!

  • Robb

    Skinny boy and big cock. Hot.

  • brandobrando

    Omg, YES!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tiger Woods has a nice dick!

  • Aidan

    skinny boy with a monster dong! nice pubes too!

  • Jay Tay

    damn thats a nice cock

  • Oh No!

    oh no, another victim of circumcision :(

  • Anonymous

    You pack some nice meat buddy

  • Thomas

    whoa holy shit

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