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November 30, 2009 - 10:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Roger

    nice dick, boi.

  • Ivan

    WOW...Very impressive. I love everything about you. Email me, we could have fun together. ;)

  • chase

    great body man!! hit me up sometime

  • Eric

    Uuber HOT!!!!

  • D

    Very nice bro. We can only hope that you&aposre gay.

  • tito

    Yesss pleassse.

  • beau kner


  • EJ

    Nice body, nice cock! And I can see that we&aposll definitely have enough towels to clean up with afterwards.

  • edd

    hot body, hot rod, hot man!

  • dorm dude

    Bush looks good but the multi towl bar thing is a bit odd, tell us more (while naked)

  • kj77au

    VERY nice

  • JD

    Dang dude, those balls look full and tight. Ready to bust a nut?

    I wonder how many loads he&aposs dumped in other dude&aposs asses?

    The thought of him pumping his hot cum inside another dude gets me all kinds of hot as hell!

    I&aposd let you make me your bitch, but after, you&aposre gonna have to be mine too. If not, then the deal&aposs off.

    peace --

  • Don Alan

    OK, let me acknowledge that you are HOT. Now, you&aposve got a lot of towel racks... How many guys are you sharing the bathroom and are you all into group sex?!

  • NY Rose man

    Great body, nice tattoo, GREAT travel kit.

  • sexyskinnytwinkietightholeboy

    hahahahahahaha omg Anonymous&aposs comment is hilarious.

  • Brett

    Gimme ur number!!!

  • Luigimail

    Extremely nice! Great tattoo on a hot body!

  • Breno

    haawt! ;)

  • Aidan can ride my ass any day!

  • Uncut Rules

    Nice uncircumcised penis!

  • badfishy

    Bring it to me now

  • NYClawyer

    How many towel racks does one bathroom need?

  • Lucas

    nice tattoo, body and cock lol i like this &aposhunk&apos style

  • anonymous

    Nice body, strange, strange bush

  • beautiful man.

  • Anonymous

    YES PLEASE! I will bend over and grab that bar.. you just bury that dick in my ass HARD FAST AND ALL NIGHT LONG!! After those balls have released their first load deep in my ass, you can spray another load on my face and down my throat.

  • Jay Tay

    Damn sexy, you have a nice body;)

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