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Grady Sizemore

November 29, 2009 - 02:25 PM
Grady Sizemore on Guys with iPhones
  • Pifad

    Those balls..........yum

  • flbaseball

    i'll be on my knees in front of him

  • Jojo

    Go Red Sox!

  • oliver

    fucking sexy guy

  • Arbatboy69

    Humor and great looks

  • FelixJohn

    Fuckin' sexy bro!

  • He can tea bag me!

  • Ed

    I will have that with some honey............Yummy!!!

  • M

    Grady, you&aposre definitely my cup of tea!

  • Basile25

    I love

  • I&aposd cup and teabag you anytime! And then I&aposd lick up all ur cream...

  • littlerocky

    I&aposll drink 2 that! Nice.

  • Juan

    Café o té...rico por la mañana...

  • Mucklucky777

    Honestly, am I the only gay man in America to notice the semen on his leg? Y&aposall are just sad.

  • GAzzajames

    That's just a dirty spec of the mirror

  • Wow! I didn't see that! @.@ 

  • mark

    hot guy, I would make love with him anytime day and night whenever he wants, would love to see that cobra hiding behind that mug
    Guys wanna have fun, I&aposm 24yrs cute, sexy guy. Add me

  • Anonymous

    lovely baby

  • Jennifer

    you can see his balls just under the cup! :)

  • Aj

    Cough cough I think I need some hott tea!!

  • Anonymous

    I love you.....

  • Ooch, I&aposm in love ! You&aposre so beautiful guy. Call me when you come in Paris :p

  • Alfredo

    freaken SEXY!!! lol

  • Isaac

    Que rico estas..!!me encanta..!!agregame

  • Anonymous

    It&aposs tea bagging time!!!

  • Jak

    i want those nuts!

  • Deepthroat

    Hot I must say! May I blow your tea lol!

  • from brazil

    jesus !!! give it to me !!!

  • Love this shot. And so damn cute!

  • anonymous

    You can see his nuts under the mug :D

  • Bob

    So this is what they mean by tea bagging.

  • marcelo

    hey dude, i wanna drink a little!

  • gusti

    coffee....and milk......

  • Anonymous

    I don&apost buy that this guy is straight for a second. He&aposs totally gay by the looks of these photos.

  • Brok83

    Coffee anyone?

  • C

    Cndboy if you&aposre going to critique something so much, you could at least learn proper grammar and use the correct form of "your". Ignorant asshole.

  • Jens

    ill take it straight up!
    Im sure is so tasty too!
    just like candy!

  • LOL

    HAH! Teabag... I get it...

  • ya hun you need to move the mug ;-)

  • marcelo

    I love you

  • cndboy

    your cute as fuck, but the tea bag/mug thing has to go, wear sexi undies if you don&apost want to show your cock, and the toilet seat up, closet in the background and mess on the bathroom counter are not very stylized for this photo opp! Your so cute, such a shame the pic isn&apost

  • esq

    He&aposs a cutie/hottie but it&aposs a worry that the mug isn&apost that big?!
    Still - he is yum!

  • candyonion

    thank you GWIP for the pictures of the second hottest guy in MLB. any chance you can get similar pictures of Cole Hamels?

  • mnrocko

    Lets hope its a grower!!! Or he will have to change his last name!!
    Nice body but enough with the manscaping already.....lets see some bush!

  • Mikey

    Grady Sizemore

  • ryan

    Looks like he has a nice set of balls cause you can see them under the mug.

  • Anonymous

    Nice fucking body dude. Now move that damn glass!!

  • justin

    wouldn&apost mind being t-bagged by him

  • Aidan

    can i sip your tea?

  • wow not only athletic(& hot), but also a sexy/pervy sense of humor, to boot! i&aposm in love.(great pic. !)

  • Anonymous

    There's a full report of Grady's pics and a couple more (sans iPhone, but not any less hotter) right here.

  • frecklebelly

    I&aposll tea-bag that!

  • Oh come on now, the anticipation is killing me. Let&aposs trade handsome.

  • Anonymous

    "Tea...Earl Grey...Hot.." (In Capt. Picard&aposs voice)

  • Rojier

    dude...nice mugshot! ;-)

  • jack

    if that is Grady wow!! i think he is probably the hottest guy in MLB right now! And a Cleveland Indian!!

  • the doc

    someone looks like he&aposs fighting a cold

  • gris

    earl grey ? darjelling ? no thx, it&apos s time to suck you dry, you are iresistible, really hot ;-)

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