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Grady Sizemore

November 29, 2009 - 03:06 PM
Grady Sizemore on Guys with iPhones
  • D'bian12

    You are F*cking Hot!!! Yummy!!!! Plz keep posting ur fans ask for it...


    ughh.. that look. right there. just jeans. looks so hot. :P

  • Stephenaz

    nice...I&aposd totally tap that ass!

  • Steff

    well stay inside looking hot! more pics... wanna see face aswell =)

  • ashley

    i love you. lol

  • Anonymous

    There's a full report of Grady's pics and a couple more (sans iPhone, but not any less hotter) right here.

  • rileyR

    okay, got it. seen all six pics of you by your toilet. that&aposs a lot for one day. clean up that bathroom and go outside and get some fresh air, buddy...

  • Mr Pink

    agree. toilet photos are so 1990..

  • cal

    I think this one is in love with himself.

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