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Grady Sizemore

November 29, 2009 - 03:08 PM
Grady Sizemore on Guys with iPhones
  • Shawn


  • Qbanitoz

    Men in suits with hard ons such a hot fetish

  • Bucsgalfan1824

    i know grady very well. he is a very sweet guy!

  • You NEED to be more pictures of yourself!

  • Tim

    great suit

  • O M G ! I d like the same .. in Paris. Very, very cute !!

  • Miguel

    Love men in suits!

  • Marc

    He&aposs so cute and I love a guy in suits:)

  • Bec

    Very Cute!

  • Eric

    hey sexy u want to talk?
    email me cesar.Erick @ rocketmail . Com

  • Chris

    Grady, let ,help you recover from your groin injury... email me

  • Nothing sexier than a handsome guy in a suit.

  • exercise-aholic

    The shoes are actually Salvatore Ferragamo not Gucci

  • Mike

    hot! beautiful baby!

  • TJV

    Message to Mak, The shoes are Ferragamo.

  • RunningJock

    Guys in suits are HOT! Do me now!

  • mak

    message to art. The Shoes are Gucci!

  • Stuntman

    One of the sexier pics on this site

  • mmm fuck me in your suit and tie

  • Bill

    He suits me just fine!!!

  • Anonymous

    At this angle he kinda looks like Adrian Pasdar...

  • Ryan T

    I don&apost even watch baseball, but this give me a good enough reason to do so. I live in Jersey, so everyone here is all about Jeter or Arod (have no idea why, Arod is ok, Jeter not so much) but Sizemore blows them out of the water!

  • oh my god! fucking hot, anon ! thanks for the link!

  • Anonymous

    There's a full report of Grady's pics and a couple more (sans iPhone, but not any less hotter) right here.

  • art

    fuckin cute. not sure about the shoes though.

  • jack

    Grady Sizemore!! Hottest MLB player ever!!!

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