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December 1, 2009 - 07:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Rob

    @All commenters: Those of us who are defending this guy are not doing so because we have a poor self image, we&aposre not doing it because we are overweight (not me anyway), and we are not doing it to enable overeating or obesity. We are defending him because it is wrong to belittle someone for ANY reason! And, to those of you who feel it is your place to dictate health, exercise, eating habits, and good judgment...judge yourselves! We all know you&aposre not doing it out of some overwhelming altruistic urge to better humanity. We can all see you have your own body image issues. Nobody asked for your advice. Personally, the only time I ever want that kind of advice is when I&aposm in the gym...and I ask you for it. I can&apost imagine why this guy would be any different.
    @The guy who posted: You&aposre cute, and I like your dick! Rock on!

  • Anonymous

    where is the rest of the dick??

  • ThatGuy

    The problem isn&apost they guy in the is the fact that he is actaully slim compared to the millions of obses people out there. All it takes is a 30 minute walk everyday and not sitting down like me right now, watching football, eating hot wings, and surfing t he web. Exercise for life! Cheerio

  • Jack

    Im glad there are normal guys like him on here. Im "thin" and even I have stretch marks on my hips and arse. LA queens are the worst in the entire world. Id rather hit an average guy than body concious queen who cant stop looki at himself in mirror. It takes all types, get over it.
    Dude we are all beautiful unique creators, and you are no exception. xxx

  • Anonymous

    How many people making degrading comments about this man are absolutely feral losers I wonder? Or every bit as out of shape? Hypocrites.

  • JW_StL

    This is not the place for bashing of any kind. People want to feel hot and put their pics out there... if you can&apost say something nice, then don&apost say anything at all. You may think you have a nice body, but you don&apost know how to be nice.

  • JT_UK

    u guys do realize u dont have to blow up the pics right? the sight is called guys with i phones. this dude has one and wanted to take a pic. im SURE all of u lil hateful hoochies who left this guy a nasty comment arent the best lookin yourselves. so get it over. hell i think its even funny, he was brave enough to post a pic on here, so i commend him

  • Anonymous

    @EVERYONE who is calling everyone defending this fine mans picture "enablers" and so on, it&aposs also not healthy to be 5&apos9 and weight 100lbs, also too much working out can be just as bad. Seriously, anyone can do JUST fine with eating healthier as it is. Sorry that SOME of us weren&apost born with GOD GENES so we can&apost have a perfect metabolism or just can&apost get into working out as much as you ass holes who live breath and eat testosterone!

  • FMS

    @Thomas, quit attempting to cloak your abusive comments in self-righteousness. Unless the poster is paying you to hurl insults at him, it&aposs not your job to do so. There&aposs a world of difference between "you should really be concerned about and take control of your health" and accusing him of "laziness, poor.. habits, ..." et al. If you are, in fact, being paid to be an arrogant prick to this guy, you&aposre doing a great job.

  • b_894

    Be proud, be loud. Find your voice and sing with it.

    You get my drift.

  • bc

    what cracks me up about gay men is that they are so quick to jump up and down when they may be not treated equal but when it come to guys who are "average" or not "skinny" they certainly tell them so. How about those who wish to be rude post photos of themselves clearly showing their name so we can all judge for ourselves...

  • Thomas

    I have a sneaking suspicion that those of you who come running to these guys defenses, are only attempting to assuage your own poor self image. Being this fat is NOT ok. It&aposs a health risk, and it&aposs a sign of laziness, poor eating/exercise habits, and a lack of good judgment and control. So for some of you to glorify those failures - and to lash out at those who rightfully criticize them - is pathetic.

  • R

    Oh fuckkking turn off. Lose some weight.

  • AAA

    I hate to break it to you "Oh No!" but the definition of your abs is not a reflection of the healthfulness of your lifestyle. It&aposs actually a reflection of your ego and vanity. I&aposm 5&apos9", 150, and I don&apost have to worry about what I eat, because every male in my family for generations is like that. Life and genes aren&apost fair.

  • Thomas

    You guys defending obesity are enablers.

  • Greg

    I have a feeling there&aposs a lot of people on here from the LA area. only people from So Cal would be this rude and think this guy is that bad. He&aposs cute.

  • dm

    the stretch marks are a major turn off.

  • Danny G.

    youre hot man, nice and thick, just like i like em.

  • Rick

    Since when is not being attracted to someone ripe for heart disease and diabetes superficial? Some of you people seem to think being fat is healthy. Hint: it&aposs not.

    And I think the stretch marks are just gross, period.

  • uguild

    i love u

  • not my daddy

    Brother, you set yourself up for all those nasty comments. You I guess you don&apost care, so good for you!

    Anybody notice the cycle? There&aposs all kinds of hotness in a row, and then you get all the fat guys in a row... huh. Wonder why.

  • Oh No!

    Yeh okay, let&aposs all eat eat eat & not exercise and later when we develope health problems from being obese let&aposs sue McDonalds. Get real, I can look straight down and see my penis, I&aposve got abs cause I work for them.

  • OMG! and i thought not all gays were picky and superficial. As for Oh No! When was the last time you saw your penis. People please, the guy is normal as anyone else. And if you can&apost see that, then you all blind as hell.

  • like your bathroom

  • chad

    and who said gays are not superficial as hell

  • Thomas

    The clearly visible stretch marks, complete the epic level of disgust this photo invokes!

  • Oh No!

    When&aposs the last time you&aposve seen your penis, without the aid of a mirror?!

  • Fivefathoms

    Hey, it takes all kinds. Work it out, papa.

  • Monkey

    oh ffs
    come the fuck on already
    it&aposs not even funny anymore

  • edd

    hmmm, like it

  • Anonymous

    now this is just nasty!

  • CollegeFatboy85

    Right on man !! :D

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