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December 2, 2009 - 09:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tony

    sup man? would u like to hook up? Thousand oaks here. Muscular latin dude here. Very good looking and fit as hell here. Hit me up. Great pic

  • S

    he has an awesome video of being in a gym lockerroom posing then having a fat old man walk behind him. lol

  • jhon

    really hot! nice underwear!

  • paco

    @suvar., if her gets fat it can be a sunburst.

  • suvariboy

    Perfection! That tat will only work on a superb body like yours. Stay fit!

  • jef

    my sister has the same tat!

  • talliewakker

    Maybe he got the tattoo in the 90s people. What a load of idiots.

  • Hot Stuff

    very cute/sexy...and love the little underwear!

  • paco

    you went with a tattoo from the 90&aposs instead of the two stars on hip which are so now. good for you.

  • Anonymous

    so cute, but that tatto fuck&aposd it up.

  • Steven

    I am in love email to fuck sexy

  • Adam

    Absolutely love the undies!

  • K

    Lovin every single pound of meat :)

  • tim

    love the money shot tattoo
    or is that a tramp stamp?

  • Luigimail

    very very cute! i love the hint of bush!

  • Patrick

    beautiful body, handsome face, nice basket and a yummy tat

  • super lean fit body & great undies & bulge!(haven&apost seen the sun burst around the navel in quite a while. that&aposs the 10-years -ago equivalent to the the double stars tattoos of today or the scrolly tramp stamps of 5 years ago)

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