Guys With iPhones

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December 3, 2009 - 12:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Rob

    That cock is so not worn out..i know, he&aposs mine. And he doesent pluck his eyebrows.
    and yes, he is perfect!!

  • Anonymous

    I think your hot. Love the nipple rings and your dick too

  • teeb

    That cock looks worn out!!!

  • Jon

    Someone is Jealous!!!

  • Brad

    It&aposs everything about you that makes you hot - the whole package. Change anything and oyu detract from the whole. Could simply gaze at you for eternity.

  • Eww

    Really?.. Putting a sticker on an iPhone is like putting a bumper sticker on your brand new Maserati or a Bentley. You just DON&aposT do it. And to top it off it&aposs an apple sticker. Ha, do you really have to advertise that you have an iPhone? I think the phone does much better of a job advertising itself without the sticker. That&aposs just trashy.

    P.S. If you&aposre gonna shave down there, shave it all. We don&apost need a replica sculpture of your face around your cock. Gross!

  • this guy has bottom fuck toy written all over him. hey, i&aposm in.

  • Brian

    Your HOT!!

  • cal

    Not typically into blonde guys here but you are one hot fucker!

  • JH

    Things I would enjoy doing to you!!! You&aposre HOT!!! Post more...

  • Luigimail

    nice body for sure! just stop the over manufacturing! keep your hair color and stop the crazy hair trimming

  • anonymous

    not bad, except the diva Latina plucked eyebrows- oh and the shaved dick hair.

  • tonichi

    i love to suck your delicious cock. I want you to make love to me

  • drgr33nthumb

    wow if i woke up next to that be the happiest man...ever

  • Tomcat

    Like to be tweeking those tits as i suck that yummy cock of yours

  • Eric69x

    I like that ssssooooooo much

  • chris

    lets party
    this dude looks like he&aposd be wild

  • Anonymous

    yummy...except let the pubes grow a bit more..

  • Cadillac

    Like a sexy fuckin&apos elf...

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