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December 3, 2009 - 02:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • xSLEEPx

    he should hang himself with all that shit.

  • Erick

    No you guys are really dumb, he&aposs problay a raver. and i dont know what you guys are talking about he is so cute =)

  • OT3P_Wolf

    Intriguing... your iphone looks like a 1950&aposs microphone from that angle. Creative.

  • HotBlkBoi

    OOOOOO There&aposs hope I might find you at a party. Well maybe back in the day when I went all the time. Why oh why do I have to see the "potentials" on a website? Hot...... don&apost listen to these fools....

  • Husband

    you look great. Very Twinky. I&aposm pretty sure this is "RobbieHottie" Work it Gurl!

    luv yah.

  • Jake

    Criss Angel you need to make those beads disappear!

  • paco

    butt beads are not just for your ass

  • LongByNight

    And if you follow the advice of anonymous you&aposll look like every other gym bunny that we all look and think hot...for about 5 seconds till the next one hops by. At least this is eye catching.

  • Rob

    Cute, cool hair , nice and slim

  • Nice

    dam I think you guys are lil to harsh. This isnt lets talk shit so we can feel better about we are .com... I think the rave look is good for well raves other than that do your thang.

  • cal

    What&aposs with all the ben-wa balls?

  • bleh

    ah, Kandii Kids

  • victor

    I like him,

  • BM

    Too easy!

  • Tay

    REALLY? No, but, really? You&aposd think your iphone case would be a big flaming rainbow too...

  • anonymous

    Only someone so completely unhappy with their natural looks / person would create this mess. Try getting rid of all the embellishment, get a hair cut, eat something besides a cracker at mealtime, and maybe hit the gym. In a year you won&apost need to decorate yourself into a semi-goth who wears all kinds of cheap, trendy crap.

  • Mikayel

    Mardi Gras ended, like a year ago.

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