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David Henrie

December 11, 2009 - 07:05 AM
David Henrie on Guys with iPhones
  • Kourtnie

    HOTTTIE ..loooove david henrie he is too sexy for Disney

  • I guess so. Very good post, will stop by later.

  • I guess so. Very good post, I agree totally.

  • Anonymous

    Hey you guys...this could be him...not naked but the next best thing...

  • Adam

    You Are david henrie I would like to see more lose the pants please please please

  • Adam

    he his hot i wish he wiould lose the pants too

  • Big Guy

    Disney won&apost be happy about this one
    Hi&aposs Gay ?

  • I am wondering exactly what Lincoln thinks about this!!

  • Alfredo

    hottie David Henrie lol

  • brodie

    that is david henrie i watch the so too

  • Cockstar

    Hot . i kn0w y0ur actually 0lder in real life them on tv so its okay to say ur fucking cute nice body too. i always thought so. i bet you got a big cock. i&aposd love to suck on it. i bet your doing Selena gomez. i&aposd do the dad on your show he&aposs a hairy hottie too. ever see his cock. i bet its thick and fat.

  • i love

    i want to fuck you

  • LAcityboy

    hmmhmm you can put a spell IN me or your magic stick!!! love the show!!! lol

  • Anonymous


  • txhed4str8

    Thank you

  • mitch

    very nice pic. !! You are the best lookin guy i have ever seen! you want hook up?

  • leon

    he is gay and i love it !!!!!!!
    write an email!
    for other hot gays:
    i love you

  • wow... add me ... you rules here!! in Brazil!!!

  • u so sexy.

  • Dahmon

    Gosh he&aposs SeXY!!

  • aaron

    so does that means he is gay? or u think someone got a hold of this pic and posted on here?

  • My Gosh!

  • Britton

    Very Cute

  • Fe

    fuck me!

  • brazilian

    david henrie?? hot :D

  • Brazil

    I want suck you!!!!

  • Derek

    OMG! Is it really david henrie? How did you get this pic!!! I love you so hot...

  • too hot for monday

  • Breno

    OMG! what are you doing in here? LOL - love you David! :D

  • James

    I heart you David! :D

  • Erick

    dude your hot I saw u walking w/ Selena a couple weeks ago in sherman oaks galleria. You are fuckin hot I want to hang out

  • abandndlight

    David Henrie is so freaking hott, those pictures of him on the beach when he was hanging out with selena gomez made me a very happy gay for a day

  • Sam

    disney DOES NOT host Gay Days at Disney people just choose a day every year and go in a red shirt... disney doesn&apost take a stand PERIOD on gays they don&apost care if you&aposre gay and you work for them because a lawsuit and the backlash is too great but they also don&apost outright support it because most of their customers are crazy religious people... and yes that&aposs david henrie

  • caliboy92020

    its fuckin hilarious how all these grown ass gay men know what wizards of waverly place is and that its on disney hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    please take it all off you sexy dude

  • pete

    If that indeed is Mr. Henrie, which we are not saying it is in any way, Disney has no comments regarding an employees sexual choices or orientation, Disney has hosted sexuality oriented theme days at the Orlando theme park a number of times ...

  • H

    He is the hottest actor, i wonder whether he is aware of it or not.

  • Josh

    He&aposs so adorable. Love you David! ;)

  • jesus! if i knew all that beef was under his clothes, i&aposd have paid more attention. that must be inside his trailer. he could do sqats on my dick, anyday.

  • Anonymous

    omg he is so cuta and yes he is the one from disney

  • talos

    OMG show some cock or something!

  • boyfever101

    There are tons of pictures of him shirtless and my goodness, he has an AMAZING body. and he&aposs so cute, mmmmm!

  • louis

    OMG this is gay..........

  • raul1188

    but i read his name way too many times.

  • SO

    that is him... but whether or not he uploaded... He uploads pics like this on his twitter account... anyone could have posted this here...

  • jckfmsincty

    I&aposd like to see some animation in his pants.

  • bb1000

    why does everybody feel the need to type his name? you would think after one person writes it that everyone else wouldn&apost feel the need too.

  • Ryan

    Wait on more research I think it is him, and that looks like a movie trailer that he is in, hmm gay or straight? Ps: I wish phil of the future would show up here! Ricky ullman

  • Ryan

    I don&apost think that&aposs David, looks kinda like him but it isn&apost.

  • BM

    That&aposs David Henrie! Such a hottie!

  • Anonymous

    it is David Henrie... am i right?

  • Anonymous

    David henrie?!? Please get naked for me

  • Kyle Dâ„¢

    David Henrie from wizards of waverly place??

  • hamlet71

    holy shit its David Henrie. SOOO HOOOOT

  • me

    the kid from wizards or waverly placer! so cute!

  • lovedavidhenrie

    David Henrie is so F*Ing HOT!!

  • USMC23

    looking good man. love the hair, if you ever wanna chat or find yourself in SoCal hit me up.

  • Car

    David Henrie?

  • zachary

    Is that david henrie

  • art

    david henrie?? que cute!!

  • tyson

    omw omw mr henrie...wicked wizard...damn im such a huge fan...hope he actually posted this pic...and hoping we some more *wink*

  • brooklyn


  • kiddo90

    david henrie is so fucking hot. i wish he were gay.

  • Steven

    this look just like David Henrie I think u r so cool email me maybe to play football or work out I workout ALOT email me

  • Anonymous

    IT&aposS DAVID HENRIE!!! He&aposs chiselled! Wish he was mine!

  • joey

    ooo david henrie
    such a hottie

  • pfias

    i wonder what the house of mouse would do if they found one of their stars posting on here mr henrie?

  • John

    damn ... stunning mister.
    can we please see more?

  • Justin

    How did someone get this pic of Disney star David Henrie? He&aposs hot as heck tho.

  • Jay

    Damn its David Henrie. Fuck he&aposs gorgeous. Wish he had some more pics to leave little to the imagination ;) lol

  • hika

    Whoa you look like David Henrie.

  • anon.

    David Henrie!!!

  • Cliff

    Oh dear god! That&aposs David Henrie!! Please tell me this is the 1st in a series for him! Preferably nude next time!

  • BriaNL

    Wanna be your BF

  • B

    David Henrie? Disney won&apost be happy about this one.

  • Joey

    Lol. Ahhh, Mr. Henrie. ^_^

  • douglas dawson

    your waverly place can come all over my face. love the show. lose the pants.

  • Richie

    This looks like David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly place...eeek way cute

  • K-vizzle

    its the guy from the wizards of waverly place...

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