Guys With iPhones

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January 6, 2010 - 02:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Karlos

    Boys (girls) ... why give importance to the ring guy if he has something better to offer us ... or not noticed the size of his cock too! Attention to what he has to offer !!!!!!!

  • GT

    Thanks, Michael. It does, btw, know how to do more than just hang. ;)

  • Michael

    GT, sweet...I was right, about the hand thing...but only a few ppl listened to me, the rest insisted it was your left hand. Anywho, you have a beautiful circumcised penis, it&aposs perfect...just hanging there. Lucky ;)

  • GT

    Dudes; it&aposs my right hand.

    And it&aposs my dick, which likes hands whether they&aposre right or left.


    The pocket of a dress shirt usually goes on the left side, which is clearly the opposite side of the hand holding the camera.

  • Shabbadoo

    Reflection or not, that is his LEFT hand.
    Nice cock btw.

  • Joe Boxer

    Where are these washrooms with guys like this??? Just for the record, that ring is on his right hand. Do the math.

  • Dick Skinner

    Love that cut wonder!

  • Tempest

    Hooray for hung married guys who can dress. And undress.

  • the poet

    would your wife mind this pic...cause i dont..yummie

  • Matt

    he&aposs in a suit... has a nice cock... married or not, im on my knees

  • Nick

    Why, YES, thank you! I&aposll gladly suck a sweet load out of you, gargle with it for a bit and then swallow it all down, enjoying how it coats my esophagus.

  • Tony

    I&aposm married and love to tease other men with my cock...and btw...married men are always horny.

  • Deano

    HOT HOT HOT I&aposd love to know where this guy works! hehe ... Gerald: Go stand in front of a mirror and hold up your right hand like this. It&aposs his right hand ... not that it matters what his hand looks like with that hanging outa his pants! hehe :)

  • Anonymous

    Great pic!

    @Gerald: Um... WHAT???

  • art

    lol, Gerald FTW!

    hot pic. my bf has been married 3 times (to different women) in the 15 years we&aposve been together. the ring means nothing. funny thing, i always know about them, but they never know about me....

  • tim

    nice pee pee

  • Rob

    You&aposre right - this guy&aposs married. Hot man in a suit. Check. Married guy who likes to play with men. Check. Hot dick. Check mate!

  • Gerald

    Uh - even though it&aposs a mirror - put your self in place there. That is his left hand there.... If it&aposs his right hand, his thumbs are on the wrong sides of his hands.

  • David

    LOL comments on the ring - didn&apost anyone notice his fly is down.....;)

  • GT (owner)

    Thanks; remember, it&aposs a mirror guys...

  • Michael

    Guys guys guys!! He&aposs NOT married. It&aposs a MIRROR shot. It&aposs a reflection of his RIGHT hand!! Hot pic btw

  • looks like someone is married...;-)

  • I

    I love married guys. They are always so horny and ready to suck some dick.

  • Tony

    YUMMY. I love to suck a dick on a guy wearing a suit!

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