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Kevin Pereira

January 6, 2010 - 03:30 AM
Kevin Pereira on Guys with iPhones
  • robbie D

    Kevin, I think you are super hot and you are the only reason to tune into G4 but that pair of underwear have got to go!

  • BuDinNebraska

    well if this is Kevin... please say something on AOTS about this post. Hillarious... thanks for sharing

  • random female viewer

    it&aposs from when olivia shot him w/ a paintball gun

  • yo

    paintball, maybe? does look like kevin pereira too.

  • Anonymous

    mmmmmm elbow nipples

  • MateoM

    OMG, it IS Kevin Pereira. Of all the things to see on this site. Random. Hot, but random.

  • Big-D


  • anonymous

    Was that from when he got shot by the paint ball gun?

  • tim

    you should see a doctor

  • Jesse

    I LOVE THIS MAN! Kevin, marry me!

  • Anonymous

    What are all of those things, OMG you are starting to grow nipples everywhere...

  • Nick

    kevin pierara?

  • C-Los

    Ouch what happened? It&aposs kinda hot. Are you the guy from G4 TV&aposs Attack of the Show?

  • Alex

    omg lol Kevin Pereira

  • James

    Kevin Pereira?
    Quite hilarious

  • Reg

    Ouch...that looks painful! Heal quickly handsome!

  • George

    Kevin Pereira?

  • Alex

    Ummm...were you branding yourself?

  • Jai

    Kevin Pereira!!! always thought he was hot!

  • Mikey

    Is that kevin from AOTS

  • dr

    hum, did you have a fight with your i-phone?

  • FL Guy

    Um maybe you should see a doctor? Just saying...

  • Nifty

    Does he have 3 nipples there?

  • Gerald

    Those almost look like burns - too circular to be road rash and the second nipple/wound on the chest - interesting. I think the stigmata ended up on the wrong places on this guy! Way cute regardless :-)

  • Josh

    OMG ITS KEVIN PEREIRA!! You&aposre cute.

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