Guys With iPhones

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January 13, 2010 - 06:15 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • fbar

    sooooo hot

  • admdavid

    Hot pic! Love it!

  • johndoe

    So fucking hot. Love the undies. Never thought anyone would actually spend $150 on half of a thong. :) Love vizeau

  • haokeita

    is it underware?~

  • kevin

    Oh Corey. First you walk around wearing a bandana as underwear now this. What next?!

  • Anonymous

    Hot boy :)

  • cinb

    Gaga inspired undies?

  • Mediteraneo

    Well, he is not hiding that much on the front side. Hopefully backside looks better! Cute face though.

  • Tom-in-London

    Hello, you must be Corey. I&aposm Tom, and I think you&aposre gorgeous. Not sure about the one leg sling though - don&apost think we have those in the UK!

  • edd

    very nice!

  • Thomas

    Very nicely sculptured photogenic face. Great looking guy

  • capsule

    um, who is this? i take it he&aposs relatively well known since 2 people here know who he is.

  • daniel

    hahah cheerleader boy is looking good :p

  • Sundance

    I like, post more, please! Are those Vizeau briefs? Yeah!

  • Mazin Al-Fadi

    beautiful! nice sling =D

  • Larry El

    Kino, he&aposs actually hiding "not much."

    Cute guy, shy package. He&aposs pretty and would be good for fucking (face or ass).

  • onederbunz

    Gorgeous, but how the hell does that thing stay on?.....a butt plug in the back?

  • Carter

    @Kino -- was kinda thinking the same thing, but hoping to be surprised.

  • Yeah, I&aposm wondering what the heck the back looks like, too...!

  • greg

    corey, donde esta your personality?

  • Kino

    Well you&aposre not hiding much

  • Luigimail

    nice, but if your goal is to be a stripper with that "sling" you might want to hit the gym some more

  • d

    Take that off. You should be nude.

  • t0759

    Sexy hot and cute.

  • Carter

    damn - very nice! love to see more ...

  • jm

    show us your butt pliz!!!

  • BHcolin

    oh damn- very hot!!! everything about him is just stunning!

  • jm

    perfect face,perfect smooth skin and perfect body!!!

  • BriaNL


  • Anonymous

    Corey, I want to get you naked soo bad... :(
    Atleast we are friends on FB

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