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January 31, 2010 - 02:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Mike F


    Now THIS is the body type I LOVE!

    Amidst all these hairless twinks with buff bodies that all look the same, you find this...PERFECTION.

    I would much rather get naked and roll around on the floor with this sexy furry man than a hairless grotesquely muscular twink. A real man should have some soft parts here and there.

  • Joe

    You have one of the hottest chest hair patterns I have seen on this site. How hot it would be to just massage your pex. Dude, just a quick look at your pic and I got a chub.

    Now to take care of that chub..........

  • TnGuy

    wow! hot chest..

  • Mikey

    just what the doctor ordered!

  • Mike

    It&aposs been said before, but again PERFECT!

  • Jay

    DAMN! nice and hairy

  • bpa


  • Anonymous

    very very nice perfect!

  • Anonymous

    very very nice perfect!


    Hot! love the hairy chest, such a hottie. You in LA? Hit me up we can hang sometime.

  • InShockandAwe

    I want to kiss you all over . . those jeans would already have been ripped off and your cock down my throat by now

  • hrst

    lovely body. and hot! show us more!

  • coffee

    nice furry belly
    now show us your dick

  • brad

    goddamn I want you, bro!

  • db

    Woof !! Woof !!! the fur detail design and body + hairy arms + hairy you have hairy everythings !!! :) How about a picture with your face and below the waist without clothes :)

  • db

    VERY nice, handsome, beautiful :) Thanks for sharing your picture. Please post more pictures :)

  • Squirt

    Woof, that is HOT!!!!!

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