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January 31, 2010 - 03:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Adam

    This guy has such a hot dick ;)

  • Vicky

    I can spend rest of my life just looking at you

  • Rej
  • Bobby

    hot as hell....if ur ever in LA

  • Stephen in SF

    Cant quite read it. Does your tattoo say "this way up" or "enter round back"? :-) Kidding - you are f&aposn hot, nay beautiful!

  • Nannotx

    Man u are cute as hell!!!

  • Jay

    Take my virginity to!! ur so cute! email is :)

  • Sciolism

    Take my virginity.

  • anthony Milo

    You need to get in contact with me asap my email is hit me up!!

  • Avigail

    what an angelic face...the tatt below collar bone is very sexy - he pulls it off well :) i can&apost really make out what it says though, even when it&aposs flipped in the right direction...oh well

  • brad

    you&aposre what i strive to be like and someone i strive to have in my life... damn. hit me up dude :)

  • m.

    wooow, you&aposre sexy. drop the pants. :)

  • Rick

    Wow... just, you know, wow! Hot, hot, hot.

  • Anonymous

    Nice looking face. The ink really works with you and the body.....well what else can I say other than it&aposs fucking awesome. Show us a little bush next time. You&aposre fucking hot!

  • Leo

    Oh. My. God. You just keep getting hotter. I love you.

  • abs

    nice two-pack or is that four?

  • timpest

    I&aposll go with speachless your so beautiful wow!

  • Mother Nature was SO kind to you in bestowing upon you a handsome face, perfectly proportioned body, and hopefully a kind heart and brilliant mind. Any of us would feel lucky with just one of those attributes. As for the tats, the necklace is enough, almost overload. I dread to think what might have happened to your back. Please, no more.

  • Honey, you are so totally beautiful that you don&apost need the tats to be desirable. If you are having a self-image problem, the tattoo parlor is not the right place to seek help.

  • vonn

    oh my gaga! I&aposm in love.

  • ScottyP.

    Hot as always. interesting addition. Love the belly fur.

  • Anonymous

    wow.. very hot

  • Anonymous


  • Joe

    Omg. I love you. Marry me?

  • alexander

    woooow. you&aposre so hot.

  • keith

    you are effing beautiful.

  • eden

    oh la la!! youre totally husband material cum marry mee =] yummy

  • Nick

    ugh your so cute, but too bad you have such a trendy tattoo.

  • brad

    u are so. fucking. beautiful.

  • Very cute guy with nice body. But, please don&apost botch it up with any more tats.

  • JH

    Gosh, what a beautiful man!

  • d

    cute guy, nice chest.

  • nalyd

    you are so beautiful

  • glen

    YUMMY Tummy!

  • Joe

    Ur hot, love the Tats but I would love to see what&aposs in those pants

  • Michael

    Fucking HOT!

  • Holy fuck you are hawt ! Seriously beautiful. Thank you for gracing us with your presence for it is truly a present !

  • Tony

    I love your tattoos.....

  • Rex

    I dig the ink - well done dude. Without me having to google it? What does it mean?

  • holy shit

    you are the most beautiful man ever on this site. are you in LA?

  • MT

    Tats ruining a perfectly hot boy

  • Matt

    your hot man, but i think everybody is getting tired of seeing the bare minimum.

    show us some skin, we&aposre losing interest!!!

  • Teebsie

    Holy crap. Jamie, you look stunning.

  • rgncajun

    Yeah, get in my mouf!

  • rabbit

    such beauty and intensity in one face...yummy body shot!

  • just saying

    Hello Hottie!

  • rick from Los Angeles

    i fuckin love you!

  • huggy


  • james

    «je n&apos--- jamais» Je ne comprenais pas :( Qu&aposest que ce?

  • db

    VERY nice musculature and hairy tummy !!!

  • Jarid

    You are one sexy man!

  • isaac

    hott the hairy stomach and tatts. more please

  • studmcbo


  • EJ

    Nice. Sexy. Wow!

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