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January 31, 2010 - 08:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • MikeF

    love that THICK happy trail running down your midsection!


    I've looked at thousands of pics and you are the hottest man on this sight! You're wearing my right hand out!

  • Me

    Perfect , what man want !!
    Contact me , good looking face, tanned , tonned ;)

  • so cute and handsome + VERY SEXY !!!!!

  • zhank

    when would come to BALI Island, Indonesia? will be there for you ... (28.y.o men is here:)

  • J.J

    I want him SO SO SO MUCH add me please you sexy beast

  • Morgan, Victor

    hottest guy far. (x2)

  • jack

    hottest guy far.

  • vince

    woof nice

  • Jose

    You are hot. Send me an email so that we can hook up if you like.

  • latinbtm1964

    DAMN! Where can i see more of your pics?

  • Andrew

    One word. Wow!!!!

  • your no 1 fans

    hell..yeah you are the cutest guy I ever seen, so simply and have your own definition of sexy..just simple as you are....

  • Joe

    That&aposs one sexy picture, love to see more,

  • AG

    you are so hot!! you look so professional holding your manmeat and that evil grin! when are you online?

  • hi, very sexy man! pls, mail me. like you so much. you are so hot. pls, mail me with selfpic to my e-mail-address is: when online?

  • Brazilian

    If you are dominant in the bed, u r the one!

  • Tony

    I&aposm dripping. Hard to type with my left hand.

  • Six One

    I love that he&aposs not particularly young or muscular... and he&aposs really sexy! Um, call me?

  • Robb

    There&aposs something about that smile....such a hottie!

  • michael

    Very nice. If you ever get to the DC area let me know.

  • Tadeu

    I can&apost believe there is a man this hot! More pics please!!

  • osc

    wooooooooooooww you&aposre sooo perfect!!!!!
    mature, sexy, woooww

  • Jon

    Dreamy, indeed!

  • scotty

    Oh yeah! That&aposs hot beyond hot!

  • jojo

    man you are hot!!!!! more pics please =)

  • MHC

    Please Daddy, fuck me so hard!

  • PotreroHill

    Looking great!!!

  • Rick

    Well, hello daddy.

  • Jimmy

    Hot and adorable!

  • Sangeloguy

    Omg please contact me I have to have you, u r so handsome....

  • lee2

    sweet face, furry body, and just gorgeous!!!

  • black

    Man do you even know how HOT you are?
    PErfectly proportioned body, Cute face, Hair in all the rightplaces, nice build, awesome dick, I could go on forever. You blow most of these 20-something guys out of the water. I should know, Im 20-something myself lol

  • Kyle Durante

    take me now!
    take me now!
    take me now!


    Wow, you are so hot! Love it.

  • KLeroy

    Hey Daddy, let&aposs play !

  • glen

    Nice and furry!


    wow, you&aposre really gorgeous! YUM

  • the poet

    ohhh yes!!

  • InShockandAwe

    always glad to see this guy .. so cuddly and wow .. I like your cock in this one

  • raul1188


  • Jon

    Like!Like!Like!Like! Very cute and love love love the chest!

  • maleb

    Sexy as hell!

  • ScottyP.

    Here&aposs an old friend. Good to see you again.

  • Joe from Alabama

    Very nice and no prepubescent look here. I like the way a man looks with bush.

  • taj


  • seventy3

    WOOF! Hey Daddy... I want you.

  • steven

    yes please

  • db

    WOW !!! Baby, you are gorgeous, handsome, beautiful :) WOW !!! AWESOME !!! I&aposm hard for you :)

  • stephen

    you are awesome - hairy chest perfect, chest perfect and damn my mouth is watering.

  • hrst

    great! amazing! think u&aposre my favorite man here so far!

  • mikel

    cute and hot!!

  • Dude+31

    You&aposre the hottest guy on this site. I&aposd love to see pics of you with a hard dick.

  • hairy guy lover

    nice hair

  • ukfred


  • Orensjuice

    What this is like: If I see this every morning, that face, I&aposd be happy for the rest of the day.

  • He looks familiar. and by familiar, i mean hott. talk about...mmmm...

  • Twisted Pig


  • anths


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