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January 31, 2010 - 01:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Speechless... I just have had an orgasm!!!!!!

  • jared

    damn that&aposs fuhkiin Hott!!!

  • Anonymous

    i want know

  • Lothar

    you are really sexy. want you. when online? cam2cam? mail me, pls!

  • HouTxHryDude

    Love how the pinky finger is sticking up like a nelly little girl. Is he a lady who lunches?

  • vince

    dammmmm hot

  • Juan

    great suckable tool!!!!!!!

  • primebeff

    WOW!!! Stud im on my knee now fuck me mouth please..

  • Paul

    Fantastic pic! Totally hot!

  • Dude

    Think I had argasm looking @ u.
    Now if I could get u to fuck my face & throat Till everylast drop shot down my throat as good as u look I bet u tast even better.

  • Hunter

    damn dude. very nice big dick.
    id love to see more. send some more pics to me

  • Brazilian

    Im having orgasms just looking at your pic!
    I wanna have you inside me, now!

  • bss

    huge dick~ man

  • karl

    wow,big dick

  • jonny0610

    Damn hot toilet, hot man, hot body, and of course hot big dick!

  • cal

    I wish you would post more pics. You are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Luigimail

    hairy hot man with a thick cock, what more could anyone want?

  • Anonymous

    That&aposs one thick ass dick. Would love to have it ripping my ass open

  • tim

    wow, if you lived in OKC that would be so cool ...

  • lee2

    geez! freaking hawt guy...and things look soooo juicy 8-P dayuhm!!!

  • PC

    Daddy! finally found ya!

  • johnnie

    OMG! Please get on top of me ~ NOW!


    Very gorgeous. Hot bod and cock.

  • Damn! What a gorgeous thick, circumcised cock with a magnificent head. The most beautiful I&aposve seen on here--and half way down to his knees! And thanks for not shaving the pubes. Man, you are HOT.

  • John

    Wish you lived in OKC! You&aposre hot!

  • Brad

    Damn, I would let you bang me like a screen door in a hurricaine!


    You&aposre so gorgeous! Just perfect

  • InShockandAwe

    everything about this man is fab u luss... I want you on me and in me.

  • raul1188


  • chas

    yum... would luv to suck and get fucked by that cock .

  • coffee

    nice meat

  • Blade

    oh, yes,,,very,very, nice and good...i love you man...

  • SB

    Hella nice meat :-)

  • cal

    My god, I can&apost stop looking at you. You are my dream man. Everything about you is perfect.

  • Bobby

    one word.... NICE

  • onederbunz

    ohhhh, love the black toilet....and of course the hot man and big dick.

  • cal

    DAMN! You are hot but it looks like your legs are shaved. I love the body hair up top, just wish your legs still had it too. Other than that, you are perfect. That is one awesome cock!

  • Michael

    Man, you could hurt someone with that thing. I am desperately hoping it will be me.

  • whornelilboy

    Well...hello daddy daaaamn

  • g

    smokin body and cock

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