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January 31, 2010 - 02:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • kevin

    hot and cute as hell !!!! mmmmmmmmmmm

  • dev


  • Pat

    Tyler! You never change! :-P how come I never see you out around Orlando anymore??? It&aposs been a while since you took a ride....

  • Cute ;)

  • Kurt

    Damn your a total cutie !!! Would love to use my tongue & mouth all over you !! Would really like 2 c what u have under those shorts !!!

  • james

    WOW I&aposm in love

  • Davey

    So damn cute! And hot too! :) email me at I&aposd like to get to know you as a person (seriously)

  • London Tom

    You&aposre great! Cute face, lovely body - would love to untie those shorts!

  • Gatsby

    such a sweet face

  • So cute now. What a heart throb you will be when fully matured. Mother Nature has been very good to you.

  • P

    You have got *the* cutest face :D Hope to see more pics from you fella.

  • Ivan

    Cute face :) email me !

  • nl

    Nice nipples

  • James

    Absolutely adorable.

  • And

    You look very nice!

  • maleb


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