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January 31, 2010 - 06:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tache7

    Mmm nice toned, furry body and cheeky grin, but the tattoos spoil it for me.

  • XT3RM1N4T36

    Holy Shit! So Fucking Hot!!!

  • Pete

    I hope you still read new comments on this post. LOVE the tattoo! Awesome hairy body, great facial hair--totally hot dude! One of the hottest guys on this or any site!

  • suskeihattori

    fuzzy ink. I like... wish i could feel and smell.

  • Randyman

    I hope you are gay! Great tat, nicely furred, nice facial hair.

  • theddy

    i hope youre not gay

  • headhunter

    cute, fuzzy & inked.
    i like!!!

  • G

    OMG - have you ever seen such a beauitiful man before? *sigh* In my dreams maybe lol

  • Timbo

    laughin&apos @ AJ, um, ok if U say so...can&apost be hiding certain agendas for that sweet tooth now is we?

  • TA

    love the hair and the ink.

  • Cw

    Yes please.

  • AJ

    Back off, bitches. He&aposs straight and he&aposs MINE.

  • Rick

    F*ckin&apos awesome tattoo!

  • Anonymous

    You are gorgeous!

  • ScottyP.

    You are husband material! Love the new tatt.

  • Nick

    marry me?

  • D


  • shane

    Wow! i like everything about you except that shaved chest area...kinda weird.

  • Sen

    Love the sleeve very nice. Your definitely a cutie!

  • derik

    i would love to be tattooed by you, gorgeous

  • raul1188

    it&aposs a tattoo shop...

    you&aposre super hot. body hair and tattoos especially mix.

  • Dan

    Hottest guy on here, yet! Face, tatts,
    body and body hair are perfect! Hope to see more of you.

  • Wow, damn hot!

  • Mark

    So sexy great looking fella nice beard and liking the sleeve Grrrr!

  • Jimmy

    Double woof.

  • coffee

    hot body

  • glen

    Loving the fluffy tummy WOOF!!

  • JH

    Amazingly HOT! Great ink work.

  • mikey

    Nice sleeve!


    Very hot, love the body hair and great tattoo... Hit me up, we can grab a drink or something.. :)

  • diego

    Body hair & ink are like oil & water they don't mix

  • stanislaus

    .........damned chest hair, screwin&apos with the ink

  • Brad

    your body is a work of art in more ways than one. And I have always been a lover of art...

  • Massage room? No. Seeing the tats, more likely an asylum. But, I love the guy&aposs face.

  • Such a handsome face and body. Too bad about the tats, though.

  • sean

    Totally hot. Perfect hairy body, gorgeous face, nice tatts.

  • Kyle

    Very nice! I heartily approve. :D

  • vonn

    is that a massage room? lol. Hot body!

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