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January 31, 2010 - 11:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tache7

    Great muscular shaped bod and nice style briefs.  You'd look even better with yellow or turquoise ones.

  • mjb

    Nice man dam

  • Aussie Joe.

    Hello mister. You can call me your bitch.

  • laurence T Petway

    i love what i see bro.U beautiful!

  • ken


  • OMG

    wheres the horse dick?!

  • livevibe

    nice pic man

  • primebeff

    Fuck handsome can I give you a tongue bath. SO I can taste every each of you?

  • phat

    my goodness

  • Thom Layton

    hot dude - really, I am already headed to NYC - i want you!!!

  • Dex


  • Marcus

    OMG, nice, love the tats

  • Matty

    wow - i see him in NYC...didnt know what he had under those clothes

  • butchie

    Hot!!!!Please show us more

  • ibottom4u

    please pound both of my holes with your black cock.

  • coral

    I&aposm on the next flight to see you. Bro hit me up you are fine

  • Reyes

    WOW I&aposm speechless...

  • the poet

    oh the meat!

  • muscletatts

    Now THAT&aposS HOT! What a sexy man.

  • sammyk

    YUMMY. Just like I like my coffee...
    HOT & BLACK!

  • lance

    Well damn

  • KyBottomBoy

    Yes please, sir.

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