Guys With iPhones

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February 20, 2010 - 09:25 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • cannon

    super hot!

  • I&aposm sorry but this is effing hot. Plain and simple.

  • STail

    Yeah, dude, the 80&aposs? That was like two decades ago. Just sayin&apos.

  • davew

    "I&aposm on a never ending quest to save my girlfriend!"

  • Rudy


  • SandFlea


    I thought Weir should have won 3rd place, for his pink tassel.

  • Mikal

    I&aposm with biggy92 on this...I&aposd lick you all over! ;)~

  • Anonymous

    It&aposs Xander!!!!

  • biggy92

    Nice! Not my normal type of guy but this is hot!

  • tresbone

    Where do you dance?

  • Sean

    If they remake "Liquid Sky" they should hire you for the lead

  • Tim

    We are trying to make contact! What&aposs your 10-4? Can you hear me?

  • sammyk

    Its Zeena Warrior Princess!!!

  • David Cross

    The almighty xander.

  • jonas

    that&aposs cute :)

  • Lbgwm4funn

    Johnny Weir&aposs got blond hair now?

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