Guys With iPhones

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February 26, 2010 - 05:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Jerry

    Now you have the most beautiful perfect sinewed Body-Thanks for sharing! Can I lick your pecs and gingerly bite on those awsome nipples??? WOW!

  • ghostman

    Complete perfection.

  • Jamie

    Yes I always think that real men (regardless of sexual orientation) enhance their masculinity wearing pink. This is 100% man and 100% hot. More please

  • jason

    Perfection! So hot! Abs for days.

  • Anonymous

    anyone wonder what those headphones are plugged into?

  • Ben

    You look great in pink, Houston

  • sammyk

    A REAL "Situation"!

  • Louie

    Looking good there man!!!

  • Ederivan

    Mmmm mmm thats what i call man whit muscle!! Very good very good fine fine!!!

  • John

    Hell ya! Now that&aposs what I call a man! So tired of these twinky guys that don&apost eat. Its about working out and eating right. You are very hot bro. Should post more.

  • Retrotastic

    Wow, that must take a hell of a lot of discipline. Good job! Very hot.

  • jonny0610

    Damn u have a sexy body! I just wanna lick u all over!

  • Jamie

    Cant decide whether that body is amazing or gross! Bod aside. Your a good lookin lad.

  • Mike

    Wow!!! Looks like we have a little situation on our hands.

  • wesley van rensburg

    amazing abs man, check out my pic below, im the one all sweaty with the black iphone.


  • Sluttier

    Nnnnnnnice! Now lets see the shirt and pants on the floor by my bed!

  • LAR

    Oh wow! I think I&aposve died & gone to muscle heaven. You&aposre totally hot! Need guys like you where I live...yummy!

  • ivan

    hit me up so cute (;

  • A

    perfection :)

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