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February 28, 2010 - 01:20 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Michael

    MICHAEL BRANDON! My fantasy man forever!

  • rob

    hoitman wish u were my daddy!!

  • devilchef

    Awesome, as always, Michael! You are a sweetheart of a man with hypnotizing blue eyes and a cock I&aposve had the supreme pleasure of deep-throating! Please post more!

  • Ric

    I just came!!

  • TJR

    love to cock, love the black OTC gold toes, love to suck and sniff

  • mikel

    I&aposm straight but this is the only man I would let fuck the shit out of me

  • Hunter

    DAMNN. nice cock. love to see more. :)

  • thaone

    hot very hot love the black gold toe socks post some more

  • Nick

    I&aposm sorry I do not get him or it,not being a hater just don&apost get it!

  • BuD

    thanks again for all you do! I really like this sit down pose....

  • BuD

    thanks again for all you do! I really like this sit down pose....

  • BP&aposs

    You&aposre fire me up! (from Brazil)

  • Dre

    he has hard shots on this gwip. there's a couple more pics of him around, like this one -->

    MICHAEL... i heart u!

  • TheRealTony

    A+ on the socks.

  • a.

    I stuck trying to make sense of the artwork on the wall... is that Mr. T.?

    But yes, hot none the less. Woof.

  • beau kner

    what the hell is all that crap going on in the background?

  • tristan

    it&aposs monster!!

  • Jeff

    Mikie, u should try chatroulette

  • Again, that wonderful cock. But, did you really have to go in the kid&aposs room to take your pic? Were they watching? Please post more. Have you done any rear end shots yet? Any hard shots?

  • mikey

    Michael.... are we getting a glimpse into your own personal bedroom? Really? I love this. I wish more porn stars (and regular) would do this. It&aposs like being a secret voyeur!! I love it!

  • hvill90

    oh michael..
    you are the love of my life.

  • Anonymous


  • Bobby

    3 words Michael, WOOF WOOF WOOF

  • primebeff

    FUCK!!! Id love to lick you all over anytime..

  • Reg

    a man in dress socks is always SO sexy. i&aposm so turned on right now, and the fact they are gold toes makes it even hotter. keep it up + post more pictures, would love to see more.

  • Nick

    I would gladly choke to death on your oversized cock!

  • JM

    WOOF...never fails to please!



  • Year 35

    You&aposre so lucky.

  • Ted

    Want company?

  • Jessica

    Knee highs and stuffed animals. touche

  • Brian

    Damn... that&aposs fucking hot!!

  • d-man

    God - I could suck on that ALL night!! HOT

  • Anthony

    wow! hot! nice dick, nice body.. sexy face!

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