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Fred Durst

February 28, 2010 - 07:25 PM
Fred Durst on Guys with iPhones
  • Shan276

    I love FRED

  • mark

    Fred Durst! Love ya man!

  • ;-)

    Hotter than ever !!!

  • Dude, you are lookin as hot as ever!

  • chad

    Liked you porn. You look HOT. Lets see another.

  • Becca Jordan

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats fred durst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy shit!!!!! I love you!!!!! i have been waiting for LB to come back!!! i seriously love you so much Fred!!!!! omg!!!!!!!

  • bmen

    handsome guy

  • B-rad

    Hell yeah Fred, you&aposre still fuckin&apos hot as hell!

  • Ty

    Let&aposs see that nice cock again, Fred. :)

  • NYCboy

    Fred Durst......Isnt it cool how gay websites have crossed over into mainstream?! It just goes to show you all males want to see the stuff.

  • Tea Jay

    I love Fred Durst! Awesome man!

  • Randy

    Fred Durst is so damn hot and daddylicious! Woof! I&aposd do him anytime!
    Post more of yourself on here Fred, would love to see you naked.

  • William

    Fred Durst, what a fucking hot body, hairy, gorgeous, I love your sex tape when you watch the camera fucking your girlfriend !! I watch it, and watch it so many times
    I luv you Fred !

  • Nick

    I like the pic,now show us( face/nude body) the nookie you are working with!

  • Cornelius_Vanderbilt

    Fred Durst is looking rough these days, guess the nookie is hard on him (or lack there of)

  • Sluttier

    FRED DURST! What a Bitch Boy! Show us ur cock!!!

  • Shawn

    What&aposs Fred Durst doing on a gay website? LOL He is hot though, he is WOOF material

  • Yob

    So hot!

  • likethat1202

    I want to see his naked iphone picture. Wait didn&apost he have a sex tape?

  • beau kner

    very handsome.

  • brian

    Fred Durst?

  • JamesL

    Fred Durst is uber sexy.

  • MJ

    .....Fred Durst???

  • CJ

    W00T!! Fred Durst!!!!

  • Ell-oh-Al

    Fred Durst is that you? Are you doing this for the Nookie, the Nookie?!

  • Josh

    Kinda looks like Fred Durst

  • MateoM

    WTF? Fred Durst?! Who put this on here?

    Did you do it for the nookie?

  • Nick

    Now THAT is a good-looking man!!!

  • johnny

    now this is what i call a handsome bloke. look at those eyes. the stubble is perfect. love to see more.

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