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Emilio (from MTV's Jersey Shore)

March 3, 2010 - 07:30 PM
Emilio (from MTV's Jersey Shore) on Guys with iPhones
  • Peter

    You&aposre body is hideous.


    lmfao i love the shirt

  • Hot as hell; plus I think it&aposs awesome he&aposs pluggin&apos Snooks too. lol Now THAT&aposs a boyfriend.

  • *gasp*

    looks like A white LL cool J.definitely hot.

  • aj

    this is snookies new boyfriend...a real juice head...LOL

  • Anonymous

    Snookie&aposs boyfriend

  • vonn

    are you a guido? you got snooked?

  • Hot Stuff

    that&aposs Snookie&aposs boyfriend. She&aposs one lucky bitch!

  • Eric Kane

    This IS Snooki&aposs bf!!!

  • uN0

    the shirt WOULD say that lololol 8)

  • Louie_Kapoohy

    I AGREE... HOT as HELL!!!

  • Erk

    I wanna C your D.

  • John

    It&aposs Snooki&aposs boyfriend...lucky guidette!

  • fan

    more! ur hot as hell!!!

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