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Shaun Diviney, Bradie Webb and Andrew Clemmensen (from Short Stack)

March 4, 2010 - 10:35 AM
Shaun Diviney, Bradie Webb and Andrew Clemmensen (from Short Stack) on Guys with iPhones
  • Anonymous

    love these guys!

  • Gary

    thats the guy ffrom short stack

  • Jon McCain

    OMG, I would blow all of them and then eat them out!

  • Anonymous

    Gross, just gross. Lame hipsters.

  • SephoraBaby

    Who said that women cannot use tech stuff...

  • Sean

    This hair reminds of a new take on an 80&aposs hair band look. Ridiculous!

  • Fabio

    I want to fuck you in the ass you guy on the left and guy in the middle

  • gary

    man why cant you guys tease alil you are all gorgeous

  • Love this! Don&apost quite know what I&aposm supposed to do with this pic, but hell - it&aposs a nice change from the ordinary.

  • Monkey

    congrats on the new iPhone
    so sorry about the hair but hope you win

  • n/a

    Look, Flock of Seagulls!

  • Antony

    Why has hair gone all aero-dynamic and shocked recently? And mor eimportantly, why are there so many pics on here now of EMOs and people with their clothes on??

  • JJ

    OMG Bradie ur gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tomas

    and then what?

  • cfuse

    This photo tells me that I&aposm old, but also that I&aposm happy being old. I&aposm not missing anything.

  • Anonymous

    Because the guy on the right is one. He is Bradie from the band Short Stack

  • my-bf-is-Korean

    I seriously think people here on GWIP only want to see and appreciate the AberCrombie-d guys..or SeanCody-ed guys..we all have different tastes and if you don't want to see, why bother click the picture and left bad comments?? get a life!

  • Trey

    Why is this under "GWIP-Lebrities"?

  • Mr. Mister

    critter - just using the word "mary" dates you darling;
    claws in please!

    Gsdxj - "ferries"? You mean the boats? LOL!

    I think the boys are cute. Especially the one in the middle.

  • Gsdxj

    They should put ferries like u on the moon

  • Joe

    three more people who obviously never see a mirror

  • GQ

    The guy on the right is Bradie from the band Short Stack

  • Luigimail

    Tease Me Please Me, was a Scorpions song from the 80&aposs and they had the same hair

  • InShockandAwe

    the guy in the middle is cute .. I&aposd suck him off first

  • SandFlea

    I think saggers should not wear underwear.

    oops, soory, wrong subject

  • Anonymous

    Really guys?

  • MrX

    Proof that three wrongs don&apost make a right.

  • Anonymous

    You know what? In a few years time, you are going to look back at your hair in this photo and cringe lol

  • pem

    oh jesus...really?! this hair thing, worst fashion ever! can&apost wait till it passes.

  • CEB

    Those boys are in one windy bathroom...

  • CharlieZ

    didnt know iphones were prone to sudden electrical discharge...

  • Tim


  • Sean

    I wanna see the video of these girls helping each other tease their hair up

  • gshan

    dryer sheets will help with the static in your hair!

  • critter

    3 scary marys

  • clay282

    Flock Of Seagulls reunion tour? HOLY CRAP, WHAT&aposS NEXT? Men Without Hats reunion?

  • cndboy

    OMG the HAIR - HYSTERICAL!! and the boy "stage right" is hot and is giving me a major boner, but truth be told I&aposd do them all in a group ... you guys into a four way? Your all way cool, creative and fun! xoxoxo

  • D

    You shouldn’t play with the van de Graaf machine too much; you’ll go bald.

  • guy

    That&aposs a LOT of hair gel.

  • cinb

    HIGHlarious! Attack of the 80s!!! I hope you don&apost REALLY wear your hair like this!!! :)

  • R4bbit

    Fraggle Rock?!

  • your mother!

    oh you three aren&apost super GAY are you?!?!?

  • Adam

    I wouldn&apost get the Kate Gosselin haircut if you paid me.

  • Anonymous

    Do you guys need help getting bed hair?:)

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