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Roger Huerta

March 24, 2010 - 02:35 AM
Roger Huerta on Guys with iPhones
  • Sean

    so hot! would like to meet you and do everything with you. looking forward your message!

  • Necio

    ¡Oh, Rogelio! ¡Que grande la tienes! ¡Quiero verla!

  • Dutch

    Very nice pic

  • Big Mike

    wow. this guy looks like me!!!! :) my bulge is bigger!

  • gb

    If "Donna" can work that strapon, I&aposm game...also invite Wilmer Valderrama yeahh baby!

  • francisca

    sexy, love the tattoos ;) message me so we can chat sometime

  • Wow. You are stunning, dude!

  • wes

    great dimples

  • DEDE007

    he reminds me of spartacus he can get it


    qeez, i wouldnt mind layinq down with you AFTER you take a nice shower and brinq the bulge with you ;D

  • spot

    haha you said "angle of my dangle" LMAO imma start using that... lol

  • Courtney

    Hi babyyy it looks like mostly guys come on this site but I&aposm a girl and you are sexy as hell.

  • joe

    Sexy ! =)

  • ethan

    sexy and cute

  • Anonymous

    You&aposre really handsome. xo

  • Anonymous


  • Austintransplant

    Can you believe I went to H.S. with him, hot then hot now... CHS! If your "boys" in Austin could see this.....

  • mmirj

    Adorable period !!!

  • Anonymous

    Magnífico, Perfecto,

  • rabbit

    you are basically a body of cum on legs...would love to suck you dry everyday!

  • gary


  • Roger H

    Hey boyz, Glad you liked the angle of my dangle. Anyone looking to hook up must be bi and down to let Donna from that 70s show nail you with a strapon.

  • That&aposs Roger Huerta, he&aposs a mixed martial artist who fought for the UFC. He&aposs Mexican/Salvadoran.


  • BriaNL

    @AW You&aposre a totally right. This guy proves that sometimes not exposing can be sexier

  • manchic

    J&aposadore! Very original! Cute & sexy at the same time... And what about that bulge? Damn! I want it for dinner!

  • Brazilian

    I am ready to ride you stallion!

  • AW

    Holy sexier clothed than most of the men naked are on here...well done and damn you&aposre hot!

  • AM

    Mmm, that man makes my ass purr like a kitty.

  • steven

    Damn dude where u work out @ im always at the gym i live in Texas and im 19 almost 20 email and we can hook up and work toghter:)

  • ltndodger420

    It really is Roger Huerta...WOW

  • David

    I think I love you. Please be naked in your next post. Who are you and where do you live?

  • Ivan

    Hey sexy, can we work-out together?

  • BuD

    very nice shorts with visible penis lines, and the smile is killer... thanks for sharing man, hope to see more of you!

  • Chrissy

    You can tell it really is Roger by his Tats

  • RW

    I want to be your property!>>>>

  • rich

    nice piece dude!

  • rich

    nice piece dude!

  • Will

    Now that is what you call sexy.

  • ScottyP.

    I love the tent in your drawers! Show us what&aposs making it, or are you too well known to do a nude pic?

  • Carl

    Fantastic!! Soooo hot man, love it ;-)

  • MP

    Please be my husband...

  • Angelo

    Awwwww :) How adorable!!! :&apos)

  • mikeseattle


  • skylar

    damn ur hot! lets trade

  • Luigimail

    Beyond amazing, that bulge has my mouth watering for more

  • Pedro

    holy shit......Roger Huerta????? please let it be!!

  • You are beautiful! Where do I start? The dimples? The tat that almost goes up your neck? Those arms? Please make love to me! (Realjock: schnapps78)

  • Jon

    Hot as hell dude would love to suck that dick....huge bulge!!!! damn perfect right there

  • BriaNL

    What a cutie!

  • gary mane

    Wow! What an incredibly handsome man.

  • tj

    hottest picture in days!

  • John

    i second all 3 comments...really cute

  • pete

    thats perfection!

  • ron

    Hot! Love the bulge

  • youbettawork


  • This photo is so hot in so many ways haha. Love the tats, the bulge and your face is just the icing on the cake.

  • W

    Awww u are so cute ;)

  • Art

    Lol cute!

  • Jake

    Oh. My. God.

  • ben

    Omg You ate seriously super hot! And caused me to tingle in side! what&aposs ur name. Who are u?

  • Joe

    I so think ur hot, hope ur next photo is without clothes. Love to see that tool between ur legs

  • Joe

    Love to help u work out

  • rabbit

    aww...could i come lie with you? help you out with that bulge after your sweaty workout?

  • vonn

    well! what a cutie :)

  • Omar


  • as4me


  • Bo

    mmmmm...Roger Huerta!!

  • Rusty

    luv the dick print! thats hot!

  • cndboy

    new bulge!

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