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March 31, 2010 - 01:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Boyd Boyles

    Beefy hot!!

  • Deav

    what a Perfect man!

  • Anonymous

    Very Very Beautiful, Is Your Man!

  • suskeihattori

    wanna be MY daddy?


    Damn sexy

  • CR

    What a MAN!

  • Adam Chang

    Are you from Toronto? I swear I saw you this past week!?!?!?

  • !!!

    Pure daddybear hottness!!!

  • virtualdespot

    "Too bad about the receding hairline"? Bigdog2001, you understand nothing. Kill yourself. This is what men are supposed to look like.

  • Bigdog2001

    Too bad about the receding hairline

  • Guy from Brazil

    U are so deliciious!!! Very Hot!! Bad Boy.

  • Trent

    Omgg! I could so ride ur huge cock while holding onto ur pecks! Omgg ur hott! Would love to take a ride! And nicE muscles! :)

  • Randy

    WOOF DADDY!!! Damn you make me sweat!! Ill be your cub anytime :)

  • chris

    WOW... just WOW ;)

  • Anonymous

    now that&aposs a MAN

  • InShockandAwe

    my kinda man .. Wow

  • Matt

    Holy crap. That&aposs more handsome than I think I can handle.

  • Mark

    I think I&aposm in love

  • Ub6ib9

    WOW. Through me a line .

  • Joe

    Oh my. You&aposre gourgeous!

  • cal

    woof, sexy fucker

  • Johnny Doe

    Hot bear. Bummer he screwed it up with bad gay cliches. Tribal tattoo while wearing A&F? Ugh.

  • buzzbeard

    hello handsome!

  • 2ofakind

    Why so Ho-Hum hunky man no ass to play with today?

  • Thomas


  • raul1188

    so hot.

  • amt4666

    You are very sexy!

  • Kingcub

    Oh gosh! u r frak&aposng delicious! I wish I could know ya.
    If you want to talk, write me: kingcub at gmail dot com

  • Brock

    Take your shirt off!

  • RD

    Love a big, beefy bear! WOOF!

  • stiffy

    WOW! feel free to make some damage.

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