Guys With iPhones

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March 31, 2010 - 02:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Anonymous

    just shoot in my mouth

  • heragui

    just perfect


    Damn dude you are so fuckin sexy. Love to lick you all over

  • Jamison

    Um, can you send more pics to my email please???? You&aposre fucking amazing!


    fucking sexy!

  • frannie

    very sexy

  • Lucas

    Mary me...

  • Jamison

    Give us another!

  • Maz

    welcome back Jamie. Hot as always.

  • gaston

    you cock big?

  • Carlos

    gorgeous! a piece of art!

  • johnnymemonic

    jammie u r back
    nicer than before.
    uooooohhhhh, better faster stronger

  • Johnny

    Jamie you are super hot no matter whether you have the emo/scene kid hair, faux hawk, or shaved. I don&apost know if you read these comments or not but my friends and I wanna know are you single or are you taken? Oh and can you tell me where you get your tatts done I wanna get some work done. Thanks bro. Hit me up if ya want.

  • davew

    Jamie! We missed you! Looking good today too babe!

  • Navi

    Love the tatoo u fricking hot hit me up

  • thickydicky

    i cumpletely agree with superman. youre so gorgeous.

  • ScottyP.

    I love your furry tummy. I want to lick it.

  • lu

    hot, but i liked ur hair the other way :(

  • Basil

    Looks like you got yo hair did! Loving the buzz cut!

  • Superman

    To me u r one of the hottest guys on here! Now get in a jockstrap!:)

  • Johnny

    Leave the hairy stomach, I love it.

  • Anonymous

    Infucking believable !!!!!! I want it all with you

  • Carlos

    Now this is hotness....

  • baka

    damn. he&aposs fucking hot.

  • Cal

    tries too hard

  • bailey

    i would like to see you in a pic in some tight low pants, its my dream

  • hoody hunk

    Kinda God like with the hoody

  • Hot Stuff

    finally back!

  • Eduardo

    I love you Jamie!!

  • frankee

    Dang you are freaken HOT!

  • justin

    you just keep getting hotter and hotter

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