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March 31, 2010 - 02:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon

    Great cock

  • mandowncode10

    Damn I lik3

  • mandowncode10

    Damn sexy

  • Tache7

    Good lean bod and really good cock.  More please.

  • Tache7

    Yep, good cock and lean-toned bod from what I can see anyway

  • James

    love the perfection.......can imagine it deep in my throat and working my throat muscles on it! And draining the load!

  • MI

    Fuck Me Raw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Adam

    i want to suck you off and i want to ride you.

  • VladisLav


  • krayon

    well hello, good evening and good night

  • Christophe

    Hummm sexxx !! Yes

  • Ferg

    I just love the bone I mean fone..

  • ricky

    bellissimo esagerato!

  • Kingsexyboi

    Damn son u mad sexi!!


    thats one big cock. Love the big head

  • Anonymous

    I like

  • picur

    I like you dick. ;)

  • Thatsmine

    Mmm very nice

  • Anonymous


  • Niiiiice!

  • Duke von Hagaen

    wonderfull cock.. I loved it.. i&aposm from Brazil

  • Toni

    thats perfection!get at me pa

  • James

    Damn! That looks dangerous!

  • choolatebottom_420

    My shit is throbbing right now babe! Nice Pic

  • Jake

    DAMN that is ONE nice piece!!! YUMM!

  • chris


  • Damn nice my mouth is wide open and ready for insertion

  • Ryan

    holla homie

  • todd

    dayum man... i wanna suck you off...YUMMY i love the shaved look too

  • todd

    dayum man... i wanna suck you off...YUMMY i love the shaved look too

  • the poet

    a lil short but with that meat im sure u can do some damage

  • Anonymous

    i guess its true what they say about black boys...i wanna try one ;)

  • nek

    holy crap its huge!!! - suc suc!

  • Brian

    would love to ride that all the way to paradise. damn fine cock.

  • Bottomboy

    OMG, can you PLEASE bend me over and open my ass with that?!

  • Jigga

    Just for the record. You should never ever wear clothes. #imjustsaying

  • drew

    Please email me! OMG I have to talk to you.

  • Chris

    mouth watering!! Amazing cock u got mate!!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to take every inch of that of that hot cock

  • blkman4u

    And that dick not even HARD! Not even!

  • don

    Nice body bruh but to much dick. I don&apost know how the hell people talk bout takin something that size. How can that feel good busing your insides apart?

  • bkbandit

    Give me the number so I can call ya

  • Rater

    Holy SHIT! Fuck me HARD!

  • vonn

    oh fuck yes.

  • warehouseboytoy

    can we say horse dick, fucking hot man, i would so enjoy that working my ass

  • NYCboy

    Put it IN!!!!!! I just came!

  • London Tom

    Wow! Fuck! I&aposm squealing in anticipation!

  • caleb jones

    Would love to have that monster dump loads of cum DEEP in my ass ...

  • Eric

    Your poor boyfriend! That&aposs gotta hurt. 

  • SexiiiNUTT

    ill suq tha cum out of it

  • Mikhail

    Oh lawd .. Lol speechless and droolin&apos

  • Anonymous


  • Tyler Greer

    holy hell! Yes please! -

  • Chris(Jax)

    Finally! Love to see black men and the nude.

  • partyone mouth is watering over all that meat.

  • InShockandAwe


  • SeattleBob

    Quite simply, I&aposm yours.......

  • Philou

    I would like to taste, oops, test it! ;-) Wonderfull toy there! Thanks for the picture.

  • the poet

    now thats some good meat!!!

  • SteveO

    Now that&aposs a dick. One of the finest I&aposve ever seen. I could make it feel so good.

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