Guys With iPhones

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March 31, 2010 - 03:40 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • JohnLMT

    Take me!  Take me now!

  • Tache7

    Toned, hairyish, sexy and good honest-to-goodness erection.  Just needing a bit more work on the chest muscles now.

  • MI

    Papa Bare, me likey!!!!

  • mike

    Wow you are perfect. Great cock awesome body handsome face love the fur

  • Anonymous


  • topcub

    Damn man.... Fuckin hot bro!

  • Anonymous

    Hot Damn!!!! Woof

  • Jeff. What it do. Shake da haterzz 0ff.


    That is one stiff prick. Love to suck on that big cock. Love watching you on xtube. you are so fuckin hot

  • suskeihattori

    Hey... that is one sexy body... all over, hair to head!

  • Eric

    Hey, I just want to add my small comment on how sexy you are. You&aposre ust trully, trully sexy. Hope someone&aposs really making you happy!!!

  • Fez
    hey man that is my profile wanna get to know ya:)

  • Cesar

    Jeff from Str8Cam should be in that GWiP-lebrities category!

  • ihorny

    WOW just look at that body - that hairy chest and those nipples especially, and that gorgeous face - not to mention that COCK mmmmmm come on guys it may not be huge but it can sure do the job I mean seriously it&aposs really thick mmmmmm I would love to take that in my ass all the way anytime - FUCK yeahhhhhh fuck ME Jeff - I can take that thick cock all the way up my arse and love every bloody second of it.... mmmmmmmmmmhm yeahhhhhhhh!!!

  • Bradfords

    Sign me up to have that slide in me!

  • Know the guy

    You are out of luck.

    This guy is STRAIGHT

  • schmon

    oh, yes... yo da man... let me make you DA MAN!

  • neke

    hi there:D i always love ya!!

  • James

    Jeff! Post more! Don&apost leave us str8cam fans begging for more!

  • Scott

    Fuck yeah!

  • LP

    Absolutely beautiful man!

  • Anonymous

    baby youre the arrow thru the apple of my eye....

  • den7cut

    makes me hungry!

  • Saucisse

    Sooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooot !!!!

  • Lucas

    So bloody hot!

  • cdnbob

    Jeff continues to be one hunky man

  • Anonymous

    A bit of product placement going on there possibly!

  • mario

    wow your cock is beautiful, so is your body. I can drain it 4U.

  • thickydicky

    yeah, i fucked him last night.

  • anAdmirer

    it&aposs so ridiculous to complain about the size of this guy&aposs dick. love the way it stands straight up. plus there&aposs so much here to play with: arms, shoulders, pecs, nips, cum-filled nuts and fur. who could ask for anything more?!

  • nightvoice

    So sexy, more please;=)

  • Anonymous

    We like Jeff very much. The hair is very nice. He seems like the guy next door. (Not next to me though, darn it).

  • Anonymous

    Damn bro!

  • mario

    Damn! Guy ur Super fine, turn n show ur ass. Ur Cock is beautiful, I want to wrap my lips around
    that big thing ;-)


    there you go! Just awesome

  • JustAGuy

    Jeff, I think you are very sexy... but as someone operating on their own as a "straight man" selling images of his body to gay men, it&aposs like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey. I&aposm just not going to be that donkey.

  • den7cut

    you&aposre nice to see; are you good as a playmate?

  • Chris2Point0

    Oh Jeff... Just do me and get it over with!

  • jeff is SEXAY!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok he is hot and his cock is awesome

  • steinstein

    you&aposre hot, Jeff, but i wish your dick was bigger

  • HCGuy78

    Hot as always, Jeff.

  • TIm

    excelent everything love the fur

  • Larry

    That is one nice cock love the chest love a hairy men

  • will

    now that&aposs what you call standing at attention! Nice!

  • Partyone

    Hello sexy...can I come over and play?

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