Guys With iPhones

Guys And Counting
March 31, 2010 - 10:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Squirt

    fist me man...

  • Duke von Hagaen

    like a god....

  • Peach

    trust me boys, nothing is photoshopped

  • D

    Hmm, nice but definitely Photoshopped... the bicep on the right of the picture is strange looking and his cheekbones/ears are tell-tale signs it&aposs been edited. Oh well =)

  • Kumito82

    u r BIG... Beautiful eyes and skin... love ur curly hair ;)

  • Joe

    U r awesome

  • JP

    Now I want to see the "other" muscle.

  • Superman

    U r stunning! Show us more of ur body

  • Pjay

    Nom nom nom nom

  • Gabe

    Photoshopped ;)

  • vonn

    you&aposre hot, nice guns.

  • Luke

    You are gonna be such a fine bottom.

  • Joe

    You are soo eff&aposing hot!
    The things I would let you do to me.
    Hit me up!

  • Alex

    Talk about big guns.
    Holy shit man, very hot.
    Would love for you to hold me in those arms of yours.
    Lets see your dick next.

  • I want to nestle right between your neck and shoulder...U r beautiful..

  • jon

    very HOT!!!

  • John

    Wow, great guns! And everything else!

  • Rex

    Well done-

  • cinb

    Not as hot as he thinks!

  • john in hollywood

    Yeah yeah cute, what else do u have ?

  • Lalo

    I want you!!!

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