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March 31, 2010 - 11:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Gigi

    @Mike - Wouldn&apost you be if YOU looked so good? Come on. Really!

  • I want cock

    I want everything! Delicious ...

  • DarciiDiuayla


  • Tiffany

    Mmm, yes, yes I do!

  • Jerry

    Well Duh! Who would&aposnt! Can I lick you all over? Bend over-I want to start there!

  • Patsy

    u are so fuckin hot. Your not gay are u? I would love to suck yu off and swallow your load. Any more pics?

  • gaston


  • Mike

    Well someone is hungup on him self lol

  • Year 35

    Uh... yeah!

  • Drew

    Most definitely YES!

  • moog

    People misuse the word &apospretentious&apos all the time and it&aposs so annoying. Look it up. There&aposs nothing pretentious about this picture. It&aposs like Alanis Morisette misusing the word &aposIronic&apos through that whole song.

  • ivg

    i want more!!!!!

  • Bottomboy

    YES I want some!

  • InShockandAwe

    up your ass or down your throat/ It all depends

  • Jojo

    Possibly. If you were 2 feet taller then i might be able to see how "some" measures up. Nice attempt but try standing on a box next time!

  • SFG

    No thanks, I&aposll pass.

  • Kumito82

    HOT HOT HOT!!! Italian?!

  • Chris

    Yes I want some, and seconds!!

  • Honey, you know we do. You like to tease, don&apost you.

  • word perfect

    @mpinmaui who cares about the front or speling

  • Anonymous

    A) Im not pretentious

    B) I didn't show the goods because i think mystery is a little sexy

    C) if you DO want to see more email and you shall receive ;)

    D) to gigi .... thanx for havin my back

  • Gigi

    re: mpinmaui&aposs comment...

    STFU! This boy is fine. Get over yourself. And learn how to spell!

  • Brian

    Yes I would love to have some!!! Your body is HOT!!!

  • lil s2uw

    what if i say yes

  • Quinn

    "want some?" Most definitely! You don&apost even have to ask.

  • Dane

    Sure do!!!!

  • Ivan

    yeah, why not? ;)

  • Rock

    yes please

  • him

    i would love to lick all of that :)


    when do i get to bury my face in those pits? lol

  • JP

    Why yes!

  • rick

    If by &apossome&apos you mean &aposIT ALL&apos then the answer is FUCK YEAH!

  • Hot Stuff

    yes, but with a less blurry picture...

  • Anonymous

    yes please

  • paul


  • Bob

    I&aposd love some!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes PLEASE!!

  • sammyk

    Can&apost commit until I see the goods!

  • Partyone

    Easy enough...YES!!!!

  • Ell-oh-Al


  • Iwantit


  • Superman

    When and where daddy when and where?

  • steven

    i dont want SOME i want ALL of u sexy email me

  • AsSeenOnTv

    Not really.. I don’t like pretentious people.

  • anon

    yes... yes i do

  • vonn

    yes, I want some.

  • fuck judge

    I&aposll need to see the ass and it must be Pretty and pink and hosed out before i&aposll cram my fatty up their, you look perfect

  • PlayPS

    some - hell - I want ALL of it!

  • jay

    ummm.... yes, please!

  • Patrick

    very nice

  • mpinmaui

    Okay all.. I belive in truth in advertising... and this guy looks fun... but... and I mean BUTT... I&aposm concerned that a size queen like me would be terribly dissapointed... come on... 3 pics posted, but no money shot?! We&aposre left to think that your ashamed of your small penis... show us some dick already!!

  • Zach


  • SteveO

    I want it all... for days at a time.

  • Luigimail

    well of course we do! but what exactly is "some" ???? I want to see more of it

  • Ll

    Hell yes I want some. ;). Think about about it again...not just some. I want you whole.

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