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Benn Mendoza, Adam Killian, Chris Salvatore and Steven Daigle

April 12, 2010 - 06:20 PM
Benn Mendoza, Adam Killian, Chris Salvatore and Steven Daigle on Guys with iPhones
  • You guys look like gay skittles. But, I&aposd eat you.

  • jonny0610

    I thought this was Teletubbies live! L0L Hot guys though

  • G

    Hot. Love Steven and Chris. Buy Chris Salvatore new album, it&aposs super awesome, I just don&apost know why it doesn&apost have his "dirty love" song, it rocks!!!

  • Chidude

    Hands down, this is the best pic on this site in a loooong time. Only thing that would be better is if they were wearing furry jocks in matching colors. >:-)

  • RAY

    So adorable, hay que papis que ricon ustedes estan, hey papi whole of you are so delicious


    Hot & Cute D

  • These boys are MINE!!!!!!

  • Ivan

    awww, so cute. I want them all. ;)

  • dancerboi80

    I swear the one in blue is Chris Salvatore! :D

  • Anonymous

    OMFG!!!!! This is hands down, the best pic on here! Props to you guys! And you&aposre all hot too!!!

  • cando64

    OMG, it&aposs the care bears!!

  • figureditout

    Aren&apost these guys a little too OLD to be attempting this look? ... Likely the same crowd hanging at every White Party. Ugh.

  • Mike Jones


  • Mike

    The one in PINK is totally hot.

  • saving screens everywhere

    Oh my sweet god thats funny my new screen saver

  • Mow

    LoL!!!! OmG ... I saw u guys wearing that at WP ... U looked hooooot, the one on blue as the Cutest face ever!

  • Jay

    the blue is Chris Salvatore!!!! from Eating out 3 and youtube!!

  • Fudge

    I like the yellow one. He looks fun. The green one looks so busy working at his pose and pout.

  • thickydicky

    all ready to fuckkk, mmm take them bottoms off boys.

  • Superman

    I&aposll take the one in green and the one in blue!

  • Erico

    Hot...even hotter? Blue and green in matching boxers...or nude in bed works for me also. ;)

  • Brando

    All I ask is that they fuck me while wearing those things on their head.

  • Chaz

    the second guy from the left is a major gay porn star

  • Anonymous

    Where the wild things are! In yellow: Steven Daigle, in blue: Chris Salvatore, in green: Adam Killian, and last but not least, in pink: Benn Mendoza.

  • ken


  • louieC

    Now I&aposm wondering if the cock rings have matching colors?

  • ScottyP.

    I can&apost name all of them but I know I should know them all.

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