Guys With iPhones

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April 30, 2010 - 12:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • jaime

    WOW... damn, would love to go on that rod..

  • Gene

    Can i sit on your monster?

  • Uknow2

    OMG!! The iPhone Nano!!!!!

  • kentvee

    iphone...icock...i like...!

  • mark

    Nico and his sausage do not show up on the hall of fame roll. Whats up with that?

  • slop

    o_O wow

  • Aconite

    WHOA, now that&aposs huge! you can fill me up anytime ^_~*

  • jj

    Am I the only person in the world who doesn&apost have a BA in Photoshop? Everytime someone posts a pic of a cock (on this or any other site), it&aposs photoshopped (according to everyone else)... maybe it is, maybe it isn&apost???

  • KB

    WOW thats a real monster!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!

  • RAY

    Hey what a beatiful piece of cake/ que papi mas rico si es un gran bocado

  • JJ

    Fuck thats one hot cock. LOVE to suck on that big rod

  • HD

    @Rod, not penis envy at all, look at this pic and the width of his shaft in comparison to his phone, then look at the other photo... clearly their is photo trickery to this image!! its a nice cock, but clearly photoshopped

  • nek

    lol -- both shots, - u r freekn the hottest!

  • pianoman6398

    FUCK that is beauty

  • Anonymous

    give me more.......please!

  • Marcus

    Mmm daddy(: I want more.

  • InShockandAwe

    HD .. penis envy is no reason to falsely accuse someone.

  • HD

    its photoshopped, you can tell by the fabric in the towel closer to the shaft of his cock...

  • Brian W.

    Is this the pic that Nico promised? Either way, very nice... thick and long the only way to go.

  • garpo

    Bonito cacho carne !!!

  • Brian

    Damn, Nico. I&aposd love to suck on that cock for a good long time then let you sit on my face so I could eat out that beautiful ass of yours.

  • marc de sade

    Nico promised he would deliver the goods and boy did he!

  • Frank j

    I&aposll take both

  • tbone0726

    I am in LOVE!!!!!!!

  • jonny0610

    Holy shit your dick is HUGE! Give me that!

  • momo

    Honey I shrunk my iPhone!

  • Joe

    I want to have some of that

  • saintfiacre

    insert here(o), please. screw me good.

  • MercedesHunter

    Huge MEAT!

  • MNCrash

    Damn baby! Shove that deep in my guts and fill me up! HOT!

  • Anonymous

    that&aposs an iPad sized cock!!

  • E

    DAMN what a treat.

  • chuck


  • wow that is AWESOME, love it, shemale)

  • r

    Ohhhhh damn!!!!! Love it!!!!

  • TNT

    Holy Shit!!!!!

  • vonn

    Can I suck your pole?

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